Thursday, May 16, 2013

Philips Hue just got a little brighter with 1.1 app update

Philips Hue just got a little brighter with 11 app update

"What's new with Hue?" Philips' connected light bulb just picked up a bounty of fresh tricks, thanks in no small part to the Hue 1.1 app update. The refresh, available for download today on iOS, brings a variety of additional features. Most significant, perhaps, is a partnership with IFTTT, which lets you create macros (called "recipes") for an unlimited number of functions. For example, if the forecast calls for rain, Hue can glow blue when it's time to leave in the morning. You can set visual notifications (a flashing light or change in color) to remind you of calendar appointments, let you know there's a new post on your Facebook wall, you name it.

The new app also uses your smartphone's GPS for geofencing, so you can program the system to flip on lights as you approach your home, or turn everything off after you walk out the door. An alarm tool can wake you at a specific time, while the timer function will tweak the lights when the clock hits zero. The LED bulbs will run you $60 a pop, or $200 in a pack of three that also includes a (compulsory) wireless bridge. You can snag the updated app for free at the source link below, then join in on some pun-filled fun in the video after the break.

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Source: Philips, Philips Hue (iTunes)


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