Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deal Reached on Key Immigration Hurdle (WSJ)

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Dolan: Catholic Church's Nature Means It Will be Out of Touch Sometimes (ABC News)

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GWH News and Notes: Ohio Valley Wrestling Episode 710 Recap

From Jimmie Daniel:

This is the recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 710 to air in Louisville 3/30. Next Saturday 4/6, not only does the next Saturday Night Special take place but also OVW TV is moving to a new station in Louisville, WBNA-21 the ION affiliate and will air Saturdays at noon ET. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean "San Juan" Hill", "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus, who also is doing the ring announcing.

The Coalition ( "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne, "Squad Alpha" Jack Black & Joe Coleman, "Squad Alpha" Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta, plus the Spanish Moss Guy) comes to the ring. Wayne lines up the troops then Crimson calls out OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams. Crimson states that he is the number one contender for Williams' title since he defeated Jamin Olivencia last week (albeit with help from Williams). Crimson brings up Williams' deal with the Coalition that was agreed upon in a secret meeting a few weeks ago, where whoever from the Coalition prevented Olivencia from getting a one-on-one match with Williams, that person would get a title shot. Crimson is impatient and wants his title shot now! Williams takes issue with "now", saying he is like a Swiss clock and needs time to properly prepare. Crimson stops him, saying time was not addressed in any of their negotiations! Crimson shows us a survival knife as Williams again states that he needs to warm up and stretch but reluctantly agrees to do the match later tonight. Wayne then takes the mic, proclaiming the Coalition as the greatest anti-terrorist force ever assembled! He then asks the four squad members individually (and with long nicknames for everyone) why they joined up the group. The answers generally revolved around eliminating terrorists. Wayne then asks Spanish Moss Guy (who he calls "Gilley-man" -like Mickey Gilley?) the same question and gestures his response, implying he is looking out for something or someone. The Coalition salutes and leaves.

Match #1: "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/The Entourage) vs "White Kryptonite" Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger)

Entourage consists of four unidentified others, one of whom is holding a champagne bucket. Diamond reminds Danger that this is all about Epiphany, whom Diamond is carrying a picture of as he enters the ring. Titus accuses Danger of copying his hairdo, lol. Rosa has his way early as Diamond seems unfocused despite Danger's best efforts, including climbing up on the apron to show Diamond the picture.

Rosa grabs the picture and kisses it before ripping it in two. This angers Diamond, who Thesz presses Rosa and beats on him. An Entourage guy hand Rosa the bucket and hits Diamond with it but ref Josh Ashcraft is distracted as Danger is confronting the other three entourage guys. Epiphany runs in and clotheslines Rosa then Diamond covers him for the pin.

In the back, Williams is talking to Jay Bradley about possibly having his back later but Jonze and Lamotta sneak up on them as they are doing recon on Williams, who runs away. Dean is not sympathetic to Williams' plight since he did make a deal with Crimson (who Dean refers to as a snake) and the Coalition. Titus says that Williams was desperate to make sure he didn't have to face Jamin Olivencia again and was willing to do anything to make sure that happened.

Rudy Switchblade comes to the ring with a ref Jordan Barker. Rudy is tired of all the running and hiding by Jesse Godderz and wants their ongoing match/saga/tiff/squabble to end tonight! Gilbert opines that the 24/7 match got paused. Rudy says he didn't think it would take this long to kick Jesse's butt.

Match #2:"Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade vs "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jesse Godderz

Jesse wanders out to ringside and Rudy dives on him for 2 as they commence brawling all around ringside. Back in, Jesse yanks Rudy out of the corner and poses but Rudy rolls him up for 2 then neckbreakers him. Jesse tries to leave and Rudy follows but Jesse pops back through the curtain and hits Rudy with a stagelight for 2. Jesse rams Rudy into the announce table and covers him for 2 then drags him around ringside and gives him some kneelifts. Jesse applies an abdominal stretch until Rudy hiptosses out. Jesse grabs a chair and slides it in the ring and has a seat in front of Rudy, who is on his back. Rudy drop toeholds him into the chair then hits him in the ribs with it. Meanwhile, Jay Bradley and James "Moose" Thomas brawl their way to ringside and are joined by "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Titus says Spade makes coffee nervous. All five men get mixed together and brawl to the back.

Paredyse is on the phone with Brandon "Espy" Espinosa, who has apparently slipped and fell in the bathtub, so he won't be there for Paredyse's match. Paredyse asks about Just Chris but is told Chris tripped over her tutu and won't be there either. Paradyse thinks this is an omen.

Match #3: Paredyse vs Albert Einstein Baxter II

Albert is intro'd as being from Princeton then trips as he climbs into the ring. Paredyse taunts Albert a lot, even pulling off Albert's bowtie and sticking it down the front of his tights. Titus notes that Paredyse has a vicious side and is showing it here. Gilbert says the Ivy League-educated Lambda Lambda Lambda (Albert and his brother Stephon J Baxter III) have studied wrestling a lot but it hasn't transferred to any success thus far. Paredyse gives Albert a wedgie then removes Albert's glasses as a video comes up of Brittany Devore bathed in red light. The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) keep sticking their heads in the picture to wonder what's going on, lol. Anyway, Brittany declares that she will hunt down Paredyse, Espy, and Chris!. Back to the match, Albert fires up on the spooked Paredyse, who manages to pull out a win via a legsweep.

Williams seeks out OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes but instead encounters Trailer Park Trash. Williams asks about procedures for contender matches but TPT brushes him off, saying he only does paperwork around here now. Coleman and Black sneak up on Williams, who slips off into another room.

Match #4: "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe (w/guitar) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Rockstar Spud

Dean compares Spud to Bill Dundee and suggests that Howe and Spud would be quite a team! Spud opens with a flurry and dropkicks Howe out but pulls up on a dive when Howe moves out of the way. Spud holds the ropes open so Howe can climb back in. Spud escapes a headlock but Howe catapults him into the corner. Howe drops and pops for 2 but Taeler Hendrix wanders out. She cheers for Howe as the discussion turns to her thinking Howe has been sending her gifts but he hasn?t confirmed or denied it. Howe slams Spud to the mat and "tunes up the band" before dropping an elbow on Spud for 2. Heidi Lovelace comes out to confront Taeler, since Heidi also is enamored with Howe. Taeler gestures for her to talk to the hand! "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic comes out to also confront Taeler, thus completing the "love box" (as opposed to a love triangle) and leading to a Dean and Gilbert breaking the seal on some soap opera puns! Howe steps out to argue with Bostic and gets counted out. Howe yells at Taeler, she is sad but Heidi is happy. Meanwhile Spud talks to the ref and gets him to restart the match, since it is assumed that he doesn't want to win the match this way. So Howe yelled at poor Taeler for nothing! Spud opens up with another flurry as it is noted that the fans are not sure who to cheer for. Back from break, Howe suplexes Spud for 2 then kneelifts him. Spud rolls out as Gilbert notes both the 10-minute limit and the $1000 for the successful title defense. Back in, Howe tries a sleeper but Spud rolls him up for 2. Dean says Spud has gained respect in his eyes for agreeing to restart the match. Howe slams Spud and goes for the blockbuster but Spud gets up and Howe leapfrogs him. Spud tiltawhirls Howe out then somersaults out onto him. Back in, Spud top-rope splashes Howe for 2 but takes a neckbreaker. Howe comes up empty on a swanton and Spud DDTs him for the pin.

In the back, Tony Gunn & "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal have watched all this. Apparently Royal is going to challenge Spud for the title next week as Gunn states that "we're going to win the TV title". the fun is interrupted by "The Great" Cliff Compton (still carrying the retired belt) who says that HE will have a rematch with Spud next week and once again become OUR OVW Multimedia TV Champion! Compton says it will be so exciting that Royal will have another heart attack!

Match #5: Crimson (w/The Coalition) vs OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams

Bell rings but before we get any action, out comes Jamin Olivencia in street clothes followed by Ashcraft and Hayes (who is sporting a bow tie). Jamin has some breaking news for Williams then turns the mic over to Hayes. According to Hayes, there is good news and great news for Williams: the good-that this match isn't going to happen, and the "great"-since Williams did such a good job explaining the rules a few weeks ago when he got the OVW Board of Directors to overturn his title loss to Jamin that Hayes applied the same rules here. After Ashcraft affirms that Williams did indeed physically assault him last week, Hayes rules that Crimson should have been disqualified, making Jamin the winner of the match and number one contender! Williams storms off as Crimson gets all up in Hayes' face and demands to know why he changed the decision. Jamin steps in but Crimson shoves him. Jamin spears Crimson but gets bum rushed by the Coalition. OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "New School Gut Checkers" (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) hit the ring to help Jamin out, quickly followed by "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry, Gunn, and Royal. Mucho brawling occurs as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I'll admit it, I spent the first 53 minutes wondering where Michael Hayes was. I enjoyed seeing Williams getting the tables turned on him and also the Coalition getting some collateral damage. Liked Danger motivating Diamond, it was nice to see some sort of positive acknowledgement from Epiphany. Perhaps the ongoing Switchblade/Godderz feud may survive a nuclear war? Can't wait for Brittany's revenge on Paredyse while the Mobile Homers wonder what the heck is going on, lol. Have mixed feeling about Spud, no mic work, he just showed up and won the TV title but he has no comments or anything? I guess "love square" might be more appropriate, because when I hear "love box" I recall reading letters to Penthouse! Nothing has been set in stone for Saturday Night Special. Anyway, I found this show quite entertaining, so it's another thumbs up.


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Facebook to hold Android event Thursday

NEW YORK (AP) ? Facebook has invited journalists to the unveiling of what it calls its "new home on Android."

Next Thursday's event will take place at the company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters. Facebook isn't providing further details. There has been speculation about a "Facebook phone" for a few years. Facebook has long said it would not make its own phone. Rather, such a phone would likely integrate Facebook deeper into the phone's software.

Citing unnamed sources, the tech blog TechCrunch says Facebook Inc. will launch a modified version of Android that embeds Facebook deeply into the operating system, on a phone made by HTC Corp.

A Facebook rival, Google Inc., makes the Android software that Facebook and HTC would be using under that scenario. Google makes the software available on an open-source basis, meaning others including rivals are free to adapt it for their needs. Inc. does just that in modifying Android to run its Kindle tablet computers.

More than half of Facebook's 1.06 billion monthly users access it on a mobile device. A deeper integration would help Facebook with its mobile aspirations.


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Real People, Real Money - 7 Web Designers Who Earn Passive ...

You already know that as a web designer or a web developer you need passive income.?However, making money online might seem like some unrealistic fantasy: sure, maybe those ?4-hour work week? folks can chill in Thailand while the money is rolling in, but what about everybody else?

This is why I decided to show you what web designers CAN and DO to make passive income online.

How can web designers make passive income online?

Web designers who want to create streams of passive income are in a very good situation right now. Most businesses nowadays either have strong online presences or are completely virtual. What does this have to do with passive income?

It means that web designers and web developers who want to earn passive income have plenty of opportunities to do so:

  • E-books:? the supply of e-books has not yet matched the demand. Every day there are thousands of new people reading e-books on their portable devices, and many of these people want to learn web design and web development, something that you can teach them.
  • Online courses: many people are looking for instructional e-books, but the other half of these people prefer a more interactive setting. Online course providers like TeamTreeHouse and Udemy are the leading examples of this, but you can start your own course as well, just setup a simple blog and host your videos for premium memberships.
  • Apps: the amount of people using smartphones and tablets is steadily increasing, and there?s always a huge demand for new and unique applications that will either help or entertain the user.
  • Software As A Service (SaaS): more and more companies and individuals are using services to help manage their payroll, team management, storage, and the like. These services require monthly fees and are mostly automatic. Imagine developing an online system and offer it for $5 a month. Imagine how much can you earn passively using this method?
  • WordPress themes: thousands of people start their own blog daily, and many of these people use WordPress as their CMS. Just check and see for yourself how much WordPress theme authors make.
  • WP plugins: under WordPress? terms of use, plugins should be open source, and therefore free. There?s a workaround here. Offer a free edition and an extended edition that you can charge for.
  • PSD templates: There?s never too many PSD templates available out there. Developers in a hurry will grab any template that closely resembles their perfect template, tweak it a little, and use it for their clients. No need to hire a web designer!

Making money while you sleep is not something that only exists in the alternative universe of unicorns and rainbows. You, as a web designer or a web developer, can create streams of passive income for yourself, assuming that you are willing to put in ?all the time and energy required to pull it off. It?s not easy, but it?s also definitely possible.

7 web designers who successfully make money online?

There are plenty of web designers and web developers who are already taking advantage of opportunities in front of them:

1. Jacob Cass Explains How He Built A Successful Web Design Blog


Jacob Cass is a multidisciplinary designer and art director who has worked the all kinds of clients, including the likes of Disney, Jerry Seinfeld, Red Bull, Nike and VitaminWater. He currently works as an interactive art director/designer at a NYC agency, Ammirati, while also freelancing under his business and blog Just Creative. He also runs Logo of the Day, a logo gallery website dedicated to showcasing the best logo designs around the world, and Logo Designer Blog, a blog dedicated to branding and identity design.

In this interview, Jacob Cass answers the following questions:

  • What role did Jacob?s blogging success play in his web design career?
  • How Jacob managed to build such a popular blog and a massive social media following?
  • How does Jacob earn money with Just Creative?

You can read the interview?here.

2. How Sacha Greif ?earned $15,000+ with an e-book he wrote in 3 weeks.


Sacha Greif is a web designer who specializes in user interfaces for web and mobile apps. He has worked with clients such as Hipmunk, Le Monde, MileWise and UNESCO. Sacha runs his own start-up, Folyo and has released his own e-book, which was very well received. He also runs his own web design blog.

In this interview, Sacha explains the following:

  • How Sacha come up with the idea for his e-book ?Step by step UI design??
  • How he decided the appropriate price for this particular product?
  • How Sacha managed to get the link to his landing page on the front page of Hacker News?

You can read the interview here.

3. Chris Spooner on his blogging success


Chris Spooner is a graphic and web designer from the UK who runs two popular design blogs Blog.SpoonGraphics and Line25.

In this interview:

  • Why did Chris decide to start his own web design blog in the first place?
  • How does he come up with ideas for blog posts and what does his writing process look like?
  • How does Chris earn money with his blogs?

You can read the interview here.

4. How Ruben Gamez turned BidSketch into a successful online business

Ruben Gamez is the solo founder of?Bidsketch?, an online proposal software website for web designers.

In this interview:

  • Why did Ruben decide to build Bidsketch in the first place?
  • How did he manage to turn his side project into a successful ?business while ?having a full time job?
  • How did Ruben know when it was the right time to quit his job and start working on his business full-time?

You can read the interview here.

5. Jarrod Drysdale explains how he ?made more than $38 000 with his e-book


Jarrod Drysdale is a web designer who runs his own blog at Studio Fellow. During his career as a designer, Jarrod has worked with tech startups, movie studios, financial companies and consumer brands. He also wrote an e-book for startup founders ?Bootstrapping Design?.

In this interview:

  • What was the biggest lesson that Jarrod learned from his failed startup?
  • How did he test his idea before starting to write an e-book to make sure people actually wanted it?
  • What is the main reason why Jarrod?s launch was so successful?

You can read the ?interview here.

6. Jacob Gube on the explosive growth of Six Revisions


Jacob Gube is the founder of Six Revisions, one of the most popular and fastest growing web design blogs on the Internet. He?s also a web designer and web developer who specializes in front-end development and PHP development.

In this interview:

  • How did Jacob turn Six Revisions into one of the fastest growing web design blogs on the internet without any prior experience in online marketing?
  • How does he manage the logistics of running a high traffic blog with an international team of writers?
  • What is the main reason for the explosive growth of Six Revisions?

You can read the interview here.

7. How a teenager built a profitable web design blog in one year.


Stelian Subotin is a web designer and a writer.

In this article:

  • Why did he decide to start his own web design blog when he was only 16?
  • How did he manage to go from zero to 650 000 unique monthly visitors in one year?
  • How did he monetize his blog and how much did he earn from it?

You can read the article here.

FAQ about Passive Income

I?m a single 20-something freelance web designer/web developer. I?ve read the ?4-hour work week?. It all sounds very appealing: I?d love to be able to travel the world without having to worry about money too much. Is it really possible for someone like me to create streams of passive income that would make this dream come true?


You don?t need that much money to pull that off. With $2000-3000/month you can easily travel through most places in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. That?s of course assuming that you?re fine with traveling on a lower-end budget (no ?5-star hotels).

I?d say that your best bet is probably SaaS because it?s recurring income (as opposed to one-time purchases such as e-books or video courses).

It might take longer than you think to get to that $2000-3000/month level, though.

I have a full-time job, family, and a mortgage. I don?t want to quit my job and?backpack?through Southeast Asia. ?I want extra income to create a better life for my family. Is making money online a good option for me?

Yes, if you are willing to put in the time and energy required to create and maintain streams of passive income, which might be demanding when combined with your other obligations.

I?d even say that passive income is necessary to people who have serious financial obligations (kids, car payments, health insurance, mortgage, etc.).

You don?t want the livelihood of your family to depend on a single source of income: your job. We all saw how well that worked out for thousands of people back in 2008, didn?t we?

In my opinion, passive income is more about financial security, than it is about the ?location independent lifestyle.

How much time does it take to create a reliable source of passive income?

It depends.

You can start making a little amount of money straight away by creating WP plugins and selling PSD templates.

You will need a lot more time and knowledge if you want to make money with e-books, apps, video courses, SaaS, etc.

I?d say that it will probably take longer than you think. Don?t quit ?your job just yet.

How much time does it take to maintain a source of passive income?

It depends on what kind of system of passive income you have set up.

In general, once the system is up and running, you should be able to maintain it by spending a few hours a week or so on it, especially if you outsource many tasks related to it.

Keep in mind that often if you don?t spend time on marketing your product/service the stream of passive income dries up over time, though.

Do you need to have a blog in order to make money online?


You need to find a real pain that people are experiencing right now and offer a solution that they are willing to pay for.

I?d even say that I think that blogging is often overrated for the wrong reasons. It is indeed a good way to build your personal brand and accelerate your web design career. It isn?t the easiest way to make money online though, it requires a lot of resources and time.

I?d say that if making as much money as possible is your primary goal you might be better off by creating a video course or SaaS.

Attention: making passive income online is not as easy as it might look!

Okay, so I don?t like giving people rose tinted glasses, then watching them fail, therefore I?ll be blunt with you:

Bad news: Making money online is HARD. It requires a massive time and energy investment over an extended period of time. Please don?t even start if you are not willing to face this harsh reality.

Good news: You can achieve similar results much faster than most people in these interviews. In order to do that, you need to commit to learning online marketing, which will help you avoid wasting time on all the silly mistakes that beginners make. It?s much easier to get the results you want when you know what you are doing.

The world of online marketing can be very confusing, though. You are bombarded with conflicting advice from different gurus. How do you know which people are legitimate experts and which are just con artists? That?s the problem: you don?t.

This is the reason why I?ve compiled the list of my favorite online marketing resources:

?7 websites that will help you learn online marketing from scratch?

Entrepreneurship is not easy. I?m not going to sugarcoat this: it might take you months or even years until you get your first business off the ground. Time will pass anyway, though. Why not put it to a good use?


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Risk of autism is not increased by 'too many vaccines too soon,' study shows

Mar. 29, 2013 ? Although scientific evidence suggests that vaccines do not cause autism, approximately one-third of parents continue to express concern that they do; nearly 1 in 10 parents refuse or delay vaccinations because they believe it is safer than following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) schedule. A primary concern is the number of vaccines administered, both on a single day and cumulatively over the first 2 years of life. In a new study scheduled for publication in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers concluded that there is no association between receiving "too many vaccines too soon" and autism.

Dr. Frank DeStefano and colleagues from the CDC and Abt Associates, Inc. analyzed data from 256 children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 752 children without ASD (born from 1994-1999) from 3 managed care organizations. They looked at each child's cumulative exposure to antigens, the substances in vaccines that cause the body's immune system to produce antibodies to fight disease, and the maximum number of antigens each child received in a single day of vaccination.

The researchers determined the total antigen numbers by adding the number of different antigens in all vaccines each child received in one day, as well as all vaccines each child received up to 2 years of age. The authors found that the total antigens from vaccines received by age 2 years, or the maximum number received on a single day, was the same between children with and without ASD. Furthermore, when comparing antigen numbers, no relationship was found when they evaluated the sub-categories of autistic disorder and ASD with regression.

Although the current routine childhood vaccine schedule contains more vaccines than the schedule in the late 1990s, the maximum number of antigens that a child could be exposed to by 2 years of age in 2013 is 315, compared with several thousand in the late 1990s. Because different types of vaccines contain varying amounts of antigens, this research acknowledged that merely counting the number of vaccines received does not adequately account for how different vaccines and vaccine combinations stimulate the immune system. For example, the older whole cell pertussis vaccine causes the production of about 3000 different antibodies, whereas the newer acellular pertussis vaccine causes the production of 6 or fewer different antibodies.

An infant's immune system is capable of responding to a large amount of immunologic stimuli and, from time of birth, infants are exposed to hundreds of viruses and countless antigens outside of vaccination. According to the authors, "The possibility that immunological stimulation from vaccines during the first 1 or 2 years of life could be related to the development of ASD is not well-supported by what is known about the neurobiology of ASDs." In 2004, a comprehensive review by the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is not a causal relationship between certain vaccine types and autism, and this study supports that conclusion.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Elsevier, via AlphaGalileo.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Frank DeStefano, Cristofer S. Price, and Eric S. Weintraub. Increasing exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides in vaccines is not associated with risk of autism. The Journal of Pediatrics, 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2013.02.001

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scientists propose revolutionary laser system to produce the next LHC

Friday, March 29, 2013

An international team of physicists has proposed a revolutionary laser system, inspired by the telecommunications technology, to produce the next generation of particle accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The International Coherent Amplification Network (ICAN) sets out a new laser system composed of massive arrays of thousands of fibre lasers, for both fundamental research at laboratories such as CERN and more applied tasks such as proton therapy and nuclear transmutation.

The results of this study are published today in Nature Photonics.

Lasers can provide, in a very short time measured in femtoseconds, bursts of energy of great power counted in petawatts or a thousand times the power of all the power plants in the world.

Compact accelerators are also of great societal importance for applied tasks in medicine, such as a unique way to democratise proton therapy for cancer treatment, or the environment where it offers the prospect to reduce the lifetime of dangerous nuclear waste by, in some cases, from 100 thousand years to tens of years or even less.

However, there are two major hurdles that prevent the high-intensity laser from becoming a viable and widely used technology in the future. First, a high-intensity laser often only operates at a rate of one laser pulse per second, when for practical applications it would need to operate tens of thousands of times per second. The second is ultra-intense lasers are notorious for being very inefficient, producing output powers that are a fraction of a percent of the input power. As practical applications would require output powers in the range of tens of kilowatts to megawatts, it is economically not feasible to produce this power with such a poor efficiency.

To bridge this technology divide, the ICAN consortium, an EU-funded project initiated and coordinated by the ?cole polytechnique and composed of the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre, Jena and CERN, as well as 12 other prestigious laboratories around the world, aims to harness the efficiency, controllability, and high average power capability of fibre lasers to produce high energy, high repetition rate pulse sources.

The aim is to replace the conventional single monolithic rod amplifier that typically equips lasers with a network of fibre amplifiers and telecommunication components.

G?rard Mourou of ?cole polytechnique who leads the consortium says: "One important application demonstrated today has been the possibility to accelerate particles to high energy over very short distances measured in centimetres rather than kilometres as it is the case today with conventional technology. This feature is of paramount importance when we know that today high energy physics is limited by the prohibitive size of accelerators, of the size of tens of kilometres, and cost billions of euros. Reducing the size and cost by a large amount is of critical importance for the future of high energy physics."

Dr Bill Brocklesby from the ORC adds: "A typical CAN laser for high-energy physics may use thousands of fibres, each carrying a small amount of laser energy. It offers the advantage of relying on well tested telecommunication elements, such as fibre lasers and other components. The fibre laser offers an excellent efficiency due to laser diode pumping. It also provides a much larger surface cooling area and therefore makes possible high repetition rate operation.

"The most stringent difficulty is to phase the lasers within a fraction of a wavelength. This difficulty seemed insurmountable but a major roadblock has in fact been solved: preliminary proof of concept suggests that thousands of fibres can be controlled to provide a laser output powerful enough to accelerate electrons to energies of several GeV at 10 kHz repetition rate - an improvement of at least ten thousand times over today's state of the art lasers."

Such a combined fibre-laser system should provide the necessary power and efficiency that could make economical the production of a large flux of relativistic protons over millimetre lengths as opposed to a few hundred metres.

One important societal application of such a source is to transmute the waste products of nuclear reactors, which at present have half-lives of hundreds of thousands of years, into materials with much shorter lives, on the scale of tens of years, thus transforming dramatically the problem of nuclear waste management.

CAN technology could also find important applications in areas of medicine, such as proton therapy, where reliability and robustness of fibre technology could be decisive features.


University of Southampton:

Thanks to University of Southampton for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

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'Waste heat' may economize CO2 capture

Mar. 28, 2013 ? In some of the first results from a federally funded initiative to find new ways of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants, Rice University scientists have found that CO2 can be removed more economically using "waste" heat -- low-grade steam that cannot be used to produce electricity. The find is significant because capturing CO2 with conventional technology is an energy-intensive process that can consume as much as one-quarter of the high-pressure steam that plants use to produce electricity.

"This is just the first step in our effort to better engineer a process for capturing CO2 from flue gas at power plants," said George Hirasaki, the lead researcher of Rice's CO2-capture research team. The researchers hope to reduce the costs of CO2 capture by creating an integrated reaction column that uses waste heat, engineered materials and optimized components. Hirasaki's team was one of 16 chosen by the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2011 to develop innovative techniques for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The team's first findings appear in two new studies that are available online this month in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control.

Power plants fired by coal and natural gas account for about half of the CO2 that humans add to the atmosphere each year; these power plants are prime candidates for new technology that captures CO2 before it goes up in smoke. Each of these plants makes electricity by boiling water to create steam to run electric turbines. But not all steam is equal. Some steam has insufficient energy to run a turbine. This is often referred to as "waste" heat, although the term is something of misnomer because low-grade steam is often put to various uses around a plant. Rice's new study found that in cases where waste is available, it may be used to capture CO2.

Hirasaki, Rice's A.J. Hartsook Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, said employing waste heat is just one example of a number of ways that Rice's team is looking to improve upon a tried-and-true technology for CO2 capture. That technology -- a two-phase chemical process -- has been used for decades to remove naturally occurring CO2 from natural gas.

In the first phase of the process, gas is piped upward through a vertical column while an ammonia-like liquid called amine flows down through the column. The liquid amine captures CO2 and drains away while the purified natural gas bubbles out the top of the column. In the second phase of the process, the CO2-laden amine is recycled with heat, which drives off the CO2.

"The CO2 that comes out of the ground with natural gas is under high pressure, while the CO2 at power plants is not," Hirasaki said. "There's also a greater volume of CO2 per unit mass at a power plant than at a natural gas well. For these reasons and others, the amine process must be re-engineered if it is to be cost-effective for CO2 capture at power plants."

A major challenge in adapting two-phase amine processing for power plants is the amount of heat required to recycle the amine in the second phase of the process. Using existing amine processing technology at power plants is impractical, because amine recycling would require as much as one-quarter of the high-pressure steam that could otherwise be used to drive turbines and make electricity, Hirasaki said. This phenomenon is known as "parasitic" power loss, and it will drive up the cost of electricity by lowering the amount of electricity a plant can produce for sale.

"It has been estimated that the use of current technology for CO2 capture would drive up the cost of electricity by 70 to 100 percent," said Rice graduate student Sumedh Warudkar, a co-investigator on the Rice University team. "In our study, we examined whether it would be possible to improve on that by using lower-value steam to run the amine recyclers."

To test this idea, Warudkar used a software package that's commonly used to model industrial chemical processes. One variable he tested was tailoring the chemical formulation of the liquid amine solution. Other variables included the type of steam used, and the size and pressure of the reactor -- the chamber where the flue gas flows past the amine solution.

"There's a great deal of optimization that needs to take place," Warudkar said. "The question is, What is the optimal amine formula and the optimal reactor design and pressure for removing CO2 with low-value steam? There isn't one correct answer. For example, we have developed a process in which the gas absorption and solvent heating occurs in a single vessel instead of two separate ones, as is currently practiced. We think combining the processes might bring us some savings. But there are always trade-offs. The Department of Energy wants us to investigate how our process compares with what's already on the market, and these first two studies are the first step because they will help us identify an optimal set of operating conditions for our process."

The results are encouraging. The research suggests that two elements of Rice's design -- optimized amine formulation and the use of waste heat -- can reduce parasitic power loss from about 35 percent to around 25 percent.

Additional research is under way to develop and test novel materials and a single integrated column that the team hopes can further economize CO2 capture by increasing efficiency and reducing parasitic power loss.

Study co-authors include Michael Wong, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and of chemistry, and Ken Cox, professor in the practice of chemical and biomolecular engineering. The research is supported by the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory.

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Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal References:

  1. Sumedh S. Warudkar, Kenneth R. Cox, Michael S. Wong, George J. Hirasaki. Influence of stripper operating parameters on the performance of amine absorption systems for post-combustion carbon capture: Part I. High pressure strippers. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2013; DOI: 10.1016/j.ijggc.2013.01.050
  2. Sumedh S. Warudkar, Kenneth R. Cox, Michael S. Wong, George J. Hirasaki. Influence of stripper operating parameters on the performance of amine absorption systems for post-combustion carbon capture: Part II. Vacuum strippers. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2013; DOI: 10.1016/j.ijggc.2013.01.049

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Italy president's office summons media, no word on statement

ROME (Reuters) - The Italian president's office said on Saturday it was opening its press room at 8.00 a.m. ET but gave no details of any statement that may come, following reports that the head of state is considering standing down to hasten early elections.

A source close to the situation told Reuters on Saturday that President Giorgio Napolitano was looking at the option of resigning early to get around get around constitutional provisions which prevent a president dissolving parliament in the final months of his mandate.

Similar reports were carried in all of Italy's main newspapers following failed attempts to form a government this week and break a month-long stalemate created by last month's inconclusive elections.

(Reporting By James Mackenzie; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)


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University of Washington to Offer Its First Ever Online-Only Degree ...

I'm all for exploring innovative ways to extend affordable access to quality higher education, especially for students who find their vocation in low-paying (if much needed) professions. But I'm really not confident that online-only degrees are the way to go.

The University of Washington will offer a new low-cost online bachelor?s degree completion program in early childhood and family studies. Pending final approval, the program will start in the fall.

[...] The Early Childhood and Family Studies degree, which is the first online-only bachelor?s completion program to be offered by the UW, will prepare individuals to work in child care, preschools, social and mental health services, parent and family support, and arts organizations.

So, um, the UW's first ever online-only bachelor's degree will be granted in program training people in a profession that consists mostly of face-to-face interpersonal interaction? I mean, if distance learning is so magical, why train preschool teachers at all? Wouldn't it be cheaper and more effective to just hand all the toddlers iPads and let them teach themselves?

The UW online degree costs $160 per credit ? which is about equivalent to $7,000 for a year of full-time study ? regardless of where students live.

No doubt that's cheaper, sure. But in every sense of the word. And it's not just the students (and their students) who might not get the value out of this that they expect. If the UW is selling a degree for $7,000 a year (and with relaxed admission requirements), won't that devalue the degrees of students paying almost twice the price? Top schools like the UW stand to cheapen their brand if they're not careful.

The program will be administered by UW Educational Outreach, which received a Next Generation Learning Challenges grant partially funded by the Gates Foundation, to help offset costs of developing the degree. The grant includes offering several core classes in early childhood education free to the public, as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Coursera platform.

What a great humanitarian Bill Gates is, promoting education reforms that in no way generate profits for the industry on which he built his fortune. (But then, all those libraries Andrew Carnegie built sure did use a lot of steel, so I guess I shouldn't be too cynical.)

I don't mean to come off as a Luddite. There's a place in higher education for online learning. But let's be clear: The main advantage of MOOCs is that they're cheaper. Not better, or for the most part, not even just as good. Just cheaper.

And if our public policy solution to the crisis in higher education funding is focused on making college cheaper, well, in the end, chances are we'll get what we pay for.


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OUYA ships early backer consoles, staggers delivery over the weeks ahead

OUYA console by itself

OUYA is true to its word: the company has confirmed to us that it's shipping the first units of its namesake game console to the many, many people who crowdfunded at a tier high enough to set aside a production system. If you've received a tracking notice, you should expect to have the cuboid at your door in five to ten days, depending on just which corner of the world you live in. Don't be surprised if your inbox remains empty for now, however. OUYA notes that it's spreading delivery over the "coming weeks," which by necessity will leave a few of us twiddling our (currently gamepad-free) thumbs.

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Source: OUYA


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Animal rights groups sue FDA over egg labeling concerns

(Reuters) - Animal rights advocates on Thursday sued U.S. regulators to correct what they say is misleading labeling on cartons of eggs that come from caged hens.

The lawsuit comes more than seven years after animal rights groups started petitioning the federal government to take action, with no success. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California, alleges that claims made in unregulated egg labeling falsely portray a higher standard of animal treatment to consumers than actually exists, and that various government agencies, led by the Food and Drug Administration, have failed to address the plaintiffs' petitions on the matter, as required by law.

The lawsuit asks that egg producers nationwide be required to clearly label egg cartons with egg production methods, including the identification of "Eggs from Caged Hens," said Megan Backus, a spokeswoman for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit group that is one of the plaintiffs.

FDA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

(Reporting By Carey Gillam; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)


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AP National News Calendar

Eds: Major scheduled events for April 2013. Note that many events, especially court appearances, are subject to change at the last minute.

MONDAY, April 1

WASHINGTON ? Institute for Supply Management releases its manufacturing index for March, 10 a.m.; Commerce Department releases construction spending for February, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? White House Easter Egg Roll.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court issues orders.

WASHINGTON ? Congress on break until the week of April 8.

TUESDAY, April 2

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases factory orders for February, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court on break until April 15.

DETROIT ? Automakers release vehicle sales for March.


WASHINGTON ? Institute for Supply Management releases its service sector index for March, 10 a.m.


WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases weekly jobless claims, 8:30 a.m.; Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, releases weekly mortgage rates, 10 a.m.

FRANKFURT, Germany ? The European Central Bank's governing council meets to set monetary policy for the eurozone.

FRIDAY, April 5

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases employment data for March, 8:30 a.m.; Commerce Department releases international trade data for February, 8:30 a.m.; Federal Reserve releases consumer credit data for February, 3 p.m.

BERLIN ? Germany releases industrial orders figures for February.


No events of note.

SUNDAY, April 7

No events of note.

MONDAY, April 8

WASHINGTON ? President Barack Obama is expected to release his blueprint for the 2014 budget during the week of April 8.

BERLIN ? Germany releases industrial production figures for February.

TUESDAY, April 9

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases wholesale trade inventories for February, 10 a.m.; Labor Department releases job openings and labor turnover survey for February, 10 a.m.

BERLIN ? Germany releases export and import data for February.


WASHINGTON ? Treasury releases federal budget for March, 2 p.m.; Federal Reserve releases minutes from its March interest-rate meeting.

Secretary of State John Kerry meets in London with foreign ministers of the Group of Eight industrialized powers, through April 11, and then visits Asia, with stops in China, Japan, South Korea and possible elsewhere.

THURSDAY, April 11

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases weekly jobless claims, 8:30 a.m.; Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, releases weekly mortgage rates, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? President Barack Obama awards a posthumous Medal of Honor to Emil J. Kapaun, a Korean War Army chaplain credited with ministering and providing medical assistance to fellow soldiers under heavy fire during combat operations.

NEW YORK ? Selected chain retailers release March sales comparisons.

FRIDAY, April 12

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases retail sales data for March, 8:30 a.m.; Labor Department releases the Producer Price Index for March, 8:30 a.m.; Commerce Department releases business inventories for February, 10 a.m.

SATURDAY, April 13

No events of note.

SUNDAY, April 14

No events of note.

MONDAY, April 15

WASHINGTON ? Treasury releases international money flows data for February, 9 a.m.; National Association of Home Builders releases housing market index for April, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments and issues orders.

TUESDAY, April 16

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases Consumer Price Index for March, 8:30 a.m.; Commerce Department releases housing starts for March, 8:30 a.m.; Federal Reserve releases industrial production for March, 9:15 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments.

BERLIN ? Germany's ZEW institute releases its monthly investor confidence index for Europe's biggest economy.


WASHINGTON ? Federal Reserve releases Beige Book, 2 p.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments.

THURSDAY, April 18

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases weekly jobless claims, 8:30 a.m.; Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, releases weekly mortgage rates, 10 a.m. Conference Board releases leading indicators for March, 10 a.m.

FRIDAY, April 19

No events of note.

SATURDAY, April 20

No events of note.

SUNDAY, April 21

No events of note.

MONDAY, April 22

WASHINGTON ? National Association of Realtors releases existing home sales for March, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments and issues orders.

TUESDAY, April 23

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases new home sales for March, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments.


WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases durable goods for March, 8:30 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court hears arguments.

BERLIN ? Germany's Ifo institute releases its monthly index of business confidence, a closely watched indicator for Europe's biggest economy.

THURSDAY, April 25

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases weekly jobless claims, 8:30 a.m.; Freddie Mac, the mortgage company, releases weekly mortgage rates, 10 a.m.

FRIDAY, April 26

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases first-quarter gross domestic product, 8:30 a.m.

SATURDAY, April 27

WASHINGTON ? President Barack Obama attends the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner, which will feature Conan O'Brien.

SUNDAY, April 28

No events of note.

MONDAY, April 29

WASHINGTON ? Commerce Department releases personal income and spending for March, 8:30 a.m.; National Association of Realtors releases pending home sales index for March, 10 a.m.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court issues orders.

WASHINGTON ? Congress on break until the week of May 6.

TUESDAY, April 30

WASHINGTON ? Labor Department releases the first-quarter employment cost index, 8:30 a.m.; Standard & Poor's releases S&P/Case-Shiller index of home prices for February, 9 a.m.; The Conference Board releases the Consumer Confidence Index for April, 10 a.m.; Federal Reserve policymakers begin a two-day meeting to set interest rates.

WASHINGTON ? Supreme Court on break until May 13.


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IRS Expands Law Enforcement Assistance Program On Identity ...

Find tickets and showtimes on Fandango.

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? The Internal Revenue Service today announced a nationwide expansion of the program designed to help law enforcement obtain tax return data vital to their local efforts in investigating and prosecuting specific cases of identity theft.

More than 1,560 waiver requests have been received since the Law Enforcement Assistance Program?s inception from over 100 state and local law enforcement agencies in the nine states participating in the pilot. The expansion covers all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and will be effective Friday, March 29.

?The results of the pilot illustrate that this works as an innovative tool for law enforcement to help pursue tough identity theft situations,? said IRS Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller. ?This program is an effective way for law enforcement to work with the IRS to pursue identity thieves and protect taxpayers. Expanding the program and making it permanent on a nationwide basis makes sense for victims as well as law enforcement and tax administration.?

The IRS also announced today continued progress on several areas involving identity theft, including resolution of more victim cases and continued emphasis on criminal investigations.

Since the start of 2013, the IRS has worked with victims to resolve and close more than 200,000 cases. This is in addition to the expanded Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) pilot, an initiative to protect victims with previously confirmed cases of identity theft by creating an additional layer of security on these accounts.

The IRS has issued more than 770,000 IP PINs to identity theft victims at the start of this tax filing season.

Since October, there have been more than 670 criminal identity theft investigations opened. The criminals being sentenced are spending an average of four years in custody with sentences as long as 20 years.

?The IRS continues to aggressively work identity theft issues on multiple fronts, focusing on helping victims of this terrible crime and pursuing the perpetrators across the nation,? Miller said. ?The pilot expansion will help these efforts.?

After an initial, successful pilot that started in Florida last April, the IRS expanded the program to eight additional states in October 2012. Together, the nine states represented a large percentage of the overall identity theft refund fraud seen by the IRS. In addition to the initial state of Florida, the pilot program expanded to include Alabama, California, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Like the pilot program, state and local law enforcement officials with evidence of identity theft involving fraudulently filed federal tax returns will receive permission from the identity theft victim by having them complete a special IRS disclosure form so the IRS can provide law enforcement with the fraudulently filed tax return. Law enforcement officials will need to contact the identity theft victims to request and secure the victims? consent for disclosure of the records. As previously, the IRS will assist law enforcement in locating taxpayers and soliciting their consent.

Law enforcement representatives can then submit a disclosure authorization form, which the IRS created solely for use by victims of identity theft for program, to the Criminal Investigation (CI) Division of the IRS, along with a copy of the police report and the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit if available. It is important that identity theft victims still submit the original copy of the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit to the IRS according to the instructions on the back of the form that fit their specific circumstances.

Federal law imposes restrictions on sharing of taxpayer information, including information that can be shared with state and local law enforcement. This IRS program allows taxpayers the option to permit information to be shared with state and local law enforcement specifically to assist law enforcement officials with their efforts in pursuing identity thieves. The IRS will process the disclosure forms received and forward the documentation to the law enforcement officer who requested the documents. The documents will not be sent directly to the taxpayer. However, the IRS will continue to work directly with taxpayers to resolve their tax accounts as quickly as possible.

Law enforcement interested in working with the IRS should contact their local IRS Criminal Investigation field office.

This January, the IRS also conducted a coordinated and highly successful identity theft enforcement sweep. The coast-to-coast effort against identity theft suspects led to 734 enforcement actions in January, including 298 indictments, informations, complaints and arrests. The effort comes on top of a growing identity theft effort that led to 2,400 other enforcement actions against identity thieves during fiscal year 2012.

?The IRS and its law enforcement partners at the federal, state and local level are going after the perpetrators of these crimes, and people are going to jail for a long time as a result,? Miller said.

The IRS has a comprehensive and aggressive identity theft strategy employing a three-pronged effort focusing on fraud prevention, early detection and victim assistance. The agency is continually reviewing processes and policies to ensure that we are doing everything possible to minimize identity theft incidents, to help those victimized by it and to investigate those who are committing the crimes.

In fiscal 2012, the IRS prevented the issuance of more than $20 billion in fraudulent refunds ? up from $14 billion the year before. IRS efforts stopped 5 million suspicious returns in 2012 ? up from 3 million suspicious returns stopped in 2011.

Taxpayers looking for additional information can consult the Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft or the IRS Identity Theft Protection page on the IRS website.


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Art 7 Entertainment: About casino portals and gambling guides

Understanding how a casino portal works is not something that is ready knowledge for most online gamblers.

Gambling guides and casino portals are sometimes misunderstood. Many people do not realize it is these gambling websites which are very much responsible for the good things that happen in the world of online gambling because they are the ears and voices of the gaming community. Many times online casinos have reversed their decision to take an action which is not player-friendly because of the outcries of guides and portal owners who are almost all what is called "affiliates" in the industry.

As important as it is to know the affiliate is responsible for many of the good things in online gambling it is equally important to understand that nothing is ever taken away from the player by the existence of the affiliate. Some people think that because the affiliate makes a commission that they are costing the player something but it couldn't be further from the truth. Affiliates are like an extra padding of insurance that the player will be treated right. Just like there are bad casinos and good, so are there bad affiliates and good. The bad ones are those who will promote any online casino willing to pay them, the good ones step in on behalf of their players whenever a casino mistreats them. That being said, whether an affiliate costs the player any extra money is a separate issue from what casinos an affiliate chooses to list on their site or if they will step in on behalf of the player.

Affiliates are paid in several different ways which include a set amount for every visit sent to the casino website, a set amount for every player who signs up and plays for real money, a percentage of what that player loses, and there is even a payment model that depends largely on the player winning which is called "wagershare", a common practice in Las Vegas that happens with high rollers where someone who is a free-lance escort is paid in the same manner... which is a percentage on whatever amount is gambled. That is not on what is won or what is lost, but rather it is just like the way any casino, land or virtual, figures comp points. It is all figured on how many times you put money into the slot machine, or how many hands and at what stakes? in blackjack or one of the other table games. The more the player wins the more they are going to wager of course so this model is a favorite with most guides because they want to see the players win and its great when you can also profit from that excitement. In truth it all figures out to about the same whatever the model is based, although the residual incomes (the percentage of) are the fairest to all involved because the other models always end up with one side or the other coming out on the short end of the stick (that meaning the affiliate and the casino as this has no bearing on a player because if the affiliate wasn't to get paid what they do ... the money would go straight into the casino's advertising budget or their pocket but it doesn't go back to the player, just ask anybody who has ever signed up straight from a search engine, they get no more extras than anybody else, further is they have nobody to turn for help if they get cheated, whereas those who signed up through a guide can go back there and ask for intervention).

There are also gambling guides and casino portals that straight out sell advertising space and some that were created by the casinos they list. But no matter what the type, at no time does the affiliate ever cost the player anything. Besides being excellent places from which to choose a casino, these establishments often offer tips to help the player in both their game play and in their approach to online gambling as it is different than real life, most noticeably in the time delay of payments.


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High-End Fashion Startup Material Wrld Makes Its Official Debut

Material Wrld logoMaterial Wrld, the fashion startup seed funded by Warby Parker and Bonobos investor Great Oaks VC, is today making its public debut. The e-commerce site has come a long way since the beta it had running late last year, and to kick off its launch, the company is introducing a number of new features to help its fashion community discover new styles, ideas and people to follow.


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Friday, March 29, 2013

Cuomo, Bolduan hosts of CNN morning show

NEW YORK (AP) ? CNN is rebooting its mornings with a new program hosted by Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan that will debut later this spring, hoping its behind-the-scenes firepower can create something distinctive for a crowded marketplace.

The show, which will originate in New York and doesn't have a name yet, will also feature Los Angeles local TV anchor Michaela Pereira as the news anchor.

The senior executive producer, Jim Murphy, promised viewers a "different kind of conversation and a fresher and more energetic program than they're used to."

Cuomo jumped from ABC News to CNN largely for the morning opportunity. He was the news anchor at "Good Morning America" from 2006 to 2009 and went to "20/20" after George Stephanopoulos got the main hosting job in the morning.

Bolduan has covered Congress for CNN and been co-host with Wolf Blitzer of "The Situation Room" in the late afternoon.

Both Murphy and his boss, CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker, have extensive morning show experience. Zucker's success as executive producer of the "Today" show in the 1990s helped him move up the executive ranks at NBC. Murphy was the top executive at ABC's "Good Morning America" from 2006 to 2011.

CNN has struggled in the mornings, averaging 252,000 viewers so far this year, the Nielsen company said.

The broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS all have morning shows with larger audiences than anything on cable. In cable, CNN's competitors have distinctive programs and personalities: "Fox & Friends," which averages 1.1 million viewers, and MSNBC's "Morning Joe," which has 420,000 viewers. CNN runs close with its sister network, HLN, which airs Robin Meade's morning show (223,000 viewers). Within a youthful news demographic, CNN runs fourth.

Murphy kept much of his plans under wrap for competitive reasons. He said the show will feel familiar to morning news viewers.

"The key to success in this day-part is having great personalities who know how to talk to each other, to their guests and to the public in a way where you just want to be there, with someone you want to have coffee with," he said.

CNN tested and interviewed at least 10 internal and external candidates before settling on Bolduan, who Zucker said left executives "floored with excitement" when they saw her pairing with Cuomo. CNN prime-time anchor Erin Burnett was widely considered to have the inside shot at the job, but she will remain in the evenings.

Murphy said he's still debating whether to have a regular weather forecaster as part of the team. His top deputy will be Matt Frucci.


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How microbes survive at bare minimum: Archaea eat protein

Mar. 27, 2013 ? Beneath the ocean floor is a desolate place with no oxygen and sunlight. Yet microbes have thrived in this environment for millions of years.

Scientists have puzzled over how these microbes survive, but today there are more answers.

A study led by Karen Lloyd, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, assistant professor of microbiology, reveals that these microscopic life-forms called archaea slowly eat tiny bits of protein. The study was released today in Nature.

The finding has implications for understanding the bare minimum conditions needed to support life.

"Subseafloor microbes are some of the most common organisms on earth," said Lloyd. "There are more of them than there are stars or sand grains. If you go to a mud flat and stick your toes into the squishy mud, you're touching these archaea. Even though they've literally been right under our noses for all of human history, we've never known what they're doing down there."

Archaea are one of three life forms on earth, including bacteria and eukarya cells.

Scientists are interested in archaea's extreme way of life because it provides clues about the absolute minimum conditions required to sustain life as well as the global carbon cycle.

"Scientists had previously thought that proteins were only broken down in the sea by bacteria," said Lloyd. "But archaea have now turned out to be important new key organisms in protein degradation in the seabed."

Proteins make up a large part of the organic matter in the seabed, the world's largest deposit of organic carbon.

To reveal the cells' identities and way of life, Lloyd and her colleagues collected ocean mud containing the archaea cells from Aarhus Bay, Denmark. Then they pulled out four individual cells and sequenced their genomic DNA to discover the presence of the extracellular protein-degrading enzymes predicted in those genomes.

"We were able to go back to the mud and directly measure the activity of these predicted enzymes," said Andrew Steen, another UT researcher and coauthor of the study. "I was shocked at how high the activities were."

This novel method opens the door for new studies by microbiologists. Scientists have been unable to grow archaea in the laboratory, limiting their studies to less than one percent of microorganisms. This new method allows scientists to study microorganisms directly from nature, opening up the remaining 99 percent to research.

Lloyd collaborated with other researchers from UT, as well as, Aarhus University in Denmark, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in Maine, Ribocon GmbH in Germany, and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Biology in Germany.

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by University of Tennessee at Knoxville, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Karen G. Lloyd, Lars Schreiber, Dorthe G. Petersen, Kasper U. Kjeldsen, Mark A. Lever, Andrew D. Steen, Ramunas Stepanauskas, Michael Richter, Sara Kleindienst, Sabine Lenk, Andreas Schramm, Bo Barker J?rgensen. Predominant archaea in marine sediments degrade detrital proteins. Nature, 2013; DOI: 10.1038/nature12033

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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