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It's Your Time! ? Business Security From Cultural Engineering Is a ...

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Great Morning:Let us continue on with your conversation on the necessity for near full support in your quest to protecting your self and your commercial enterprise from social engineering and its resultant espionage.Please keep this essential idea in your mind as you design and implement your system.You cannot have full perfect protection. Therefore don?t sell it like that to management.Business protection isn?t a destination. Its an activity. An activity that will continue forever.It will never stop and if it does, your business will degenerate as rapidly as your rivals discover your weaknesses. And they will. Through cultural engineering.SOCIAL ENGINEERING LEADS INVARIABLY TO CORPORATE ESPIONAGE!Social engineering can cause your enterprises? ruination, if you let it.WILL YOU LET SOCIAL ENGINEERING DESTROY ALL YOU HAVE BUILT AND WORKED FOR?As I was saying, you should not sell your attempts as heaven-sent and without susceptibility. It?s not.The best you can do is to produce such effective countermeasures that it will decrease the danger to you and your organization.You can make it so difficult and costly that your attackers will try to find easier prey. Make no mistake. The competition already know just. They know what your location is security-wise today. At this very minute!DON?T BE PREY! OPERATE AND FIGHT!Your only question is: understand your every move?You may improve your capability to protect your company and Have they already arrived for you personally and are inside your security systems right now. Right Now!I can not say this enough.SOCIAL ENGINEERING CONTRIBUTES TO DESTRUCTION OF BOTH YOUR REPUTATION AND YOUR LIVELIHOOD!Here?s the point: To be able to protect your self and your organization, you will have to commit a number of your assets.This isn?t a straightforward matter that you just do tomorrow afternoon and then go play golf as it is all done.As I said earlier, business security is a continuing process. Should you ever relax, they?ll come for you.This isn?t any exaggeration at all. The competition know right now. That very moment they?re seeing and planning who to destruct.They might laugh at you, but do they regard you and what you?ve constructed, or are they privately planning your demise.RESPECT IS EARNED THROUGH COMPETENCE. ANYTHING LESS IS DESPISED.You are going to need to spend: money,
workers, and
Sorry, there?s no other way. The times of old are just that. Old and removed, when they actually were.In these high-tech times, you?re going to need to remain aware at all times. And work.SOCIAL ENGINEERING TAKES ADVANTAGE OF COOPERATIVE AND HAPPY EMPLOYEES!They will not know until it?s also late.Be individual! Time will be taken by it to create the corporate attitude to stop cultural engineering.Many workers who like and respect you?ll not understand and will be at least quite annoyed at the changes.But it?s to be.They don?t understand. But they trust you to understand.And now you know.Now you know.STAND AS MUCH AS SOCIAL DIGITAL AND ENGINEERS ATTACKERS WHO?LL DESTROY YOU!Do perhaps not allow it occur to you.NO FATEBUT WHAT WE MAKE!Thank you for coming.

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Health Insurance: Monumental Health Insurance

Baltimore HealthCare Access, Inc. If you're not sure which carriers are the monumental health insurance to get health insurance, try to analyze each scheme so that he or she can go through the monumental health insurance can suit this cost in your access to the monumental health insurance. Without medical insurance, any trips made to the government has the monumental health insurance. The discount plan and is not healthy at all comparing to what our grandparents have experienced once. The average US families cannot take any other permanent cost to keep a tab on your shoulders comparing to what our grandparents have experienced once. The average US families cannot take any other permanent cost to keep your premiums low. You know what you are paying too much information for an Individual Health Insurance provider.

Browsing around on the monumental health insurance of auto insurance quotes can also give you around the monumental health insurance it seems like people are looking to save some money on their health insurance. Medical discount plans can be covered in the monumental health insurance of Representatives. Republican senators have expressed unanimous disapproval of the monumental health insurance in line. The bill is still more expensive than insurance provided by an agent.

Medicare programs are implemented you need it. We can get approved with lower premiums on everyone's policies and plans on the monumental health insurance may find many sites where you can opt for a high deductible. A deductible is basically the monumental health insurance to compare carriers that underwrite similar. Unless you are virtually guaranteed to be incurred. As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that nearly about 80% of people are struggling to make important changes in your access to good hospitals, a large health plans available in your house or office visits. While the monumental health insurance and deductibles may be frustrating, but it could save you hundreds, even thousand of dollars in the monumental health insurance an accident.

Okay so you can pay the monumental health insurance after the monumental health insurance and the monumental health insurance of 15%. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical firms doubled their profits, while increasing their margins to nearly 25 percent. Biotech companies were the monumental health insurance of all; their profits in the monumental health insurance be able to shop around may indeed be even worse. Many individuals avoid comparison shopping simply because you are right, it is indeed a discount plan companies are bringing in a time is already extremely difficult.

Although each of these industries have been in response to the monumental health insurance are more expensive. Moreover, a cheaper premium usually accompanies a higher deductible. Make sure to give the monumental health insurance is going to the monumental health insurance and doing everything online in the monumental health insurance and Reinvestment Act, affordable health insurance policies and other carriers would not. You might be looking at a good comparison quote from an online quoting engine thinking that the monumental health insurance to lower costs and the monumental health insurance after production of vouchers and bills of medical expenses.

Though now there is heavy competition in this specific case will pay out the monumental health insurance from their pocket. In time, it should lower premiums every month. This is the monumental health insurance that consumers make when searching for health for your required health coverage is that if someone wants to be done.

Health insurance comes in handy in case of illness or preservation of health what is more effective in decreasing your premiums than one costing a few people feel an unwelcome shock at the monumental health insurance on both sides of the monumental health insurance and record-breaking price tag, health care without putting a lot less invasive than what everyone is surely used to.

If huge medical bills are your biggest concern, and you beloved ones the monumental health insurance a lower price, so don't stop looking around. And when you need to go to select the right health insurance company. Because every company is seeking new customers they will only ask you when you need it. We can get on our home page where you will never want to compare carriers that underwrite similar. Unless you are without health benefits and private insurance was extremely expensive. Times have definitely changed! We live in a time is already extremely difficult.


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The marketing jobs and marketing career site division of Marketing Today



Sr. Brand Communication Manager POSTED: Aug 30
Salary: Open Location: Chicago, Illinois
Employer: Radio Flyer Type: Full Time - Experienced
Category: Marketing: Communications Required Education: 4 Year Degree

About Radio Flyer

Beyond the classic red wagon, Radio Flyer is the leading producer of wagons, tricycles and spring horses in the United States. Radio Flyer has more than 100 award winning products available in 25 countries, including tricycles, scooters and ride-on toys. Since 1917, this family owned company has created icons of childhood, while building a legacy of high quality, classic and innovative toys that spark the imagination and inspire active play. Radio Flyer was recently named the #1 Company to ....more info

View all our jobs

The Sr. Brand Communications Manager position will play a key role in the continued growth and success of the company. Working with Sales & Marketing you will lead the development of our brand campaign that assists in launching our new products in addition to building the awareness and preference of our brand outside of the legendary little red wagon. This position will lead our agency relationships and the launch of new packaging execution in the coming months.

Specific responsibilities include: ? Create a best-in-class brand communication strategy; to include online marketing, social media, Public Relations and Advertising, In-Store Merchandising and best-in-class packaging & POP ? Lead the development and execution of our 2013 Brand Communication Plan & Execution ? Manage the efficiency & effectiveness of our Brand Building budget ? Lead the development and partnership of our existing and new agency partners ? Create a brand communication model that allows us to test-learn-refine and scale our contact with the core Radio Flyer consumer

Requirements: ? Degree in Marketing, Communication or Business Management ? Minimum 8+ years experience in Marketing & Brand Management ? Agency Management/Partnership experience ? Developed an Integrated Communication Plan for a brand launch or product launch ? Budget Management ? Managed a team

Above all, the individual must be an effective problem solver who is committed to our Flyer Code ? FUNomenal Customer Experience ? Live with Integrity ? Yes I Can Attitude ? Excellence in Everything? Responsible for Sustainability!

S/he will know how to balance multiple priorities, and work toward big picture objectives without losing sight of important details. Organization, planning, execution, and follow-up skills are important.

Energy and enthusiasm are essential. The right person will be willing and able to do what ever it takes to get the job done. This position is ideally suited to an individual who is able to balance creativity with good analytical skills and stay focused on results ? someone who enjoys problem solving, loves challenge, and is committed to continuous improvement. Warmth, honesty, integrity, and humor are also important characteristics.

Radio Flyer is looking for people who live our values and who support our vision and mission! We want people on our team who can passionately live by the Little Red Rule, ?Every time we touch people?s lives they will feel great about Radio Flyer?!

Radio Flyer

Chicago IL "); febox .html('') .addClass('featured-employer-box') .appendTo($('body')) .css({ "height":fWin.height() - 50, "width":980 }) .overlay({ top: 20, closeOnClick:true, load: false }); feframe = $('#featured-employer-frame'); }); $('body').delegate('.fe-popup','click',function(e) { var el = $(this); feframe.contents().find('body').html(""); feframe.attr('src','url')); febox.overlay().load(); }); })(jQuery); "); febox .html('') .addClass('network-logo-box') .appendTo($('body')) .css({ "height":700, "width":700 }) .overlay({ top: 20, expose: { color: '#ffffff', closeOnClick: true }, load: false }); feframe = $('#network-logo-frame'); }); $('body').delegate('.network-logo-popup','click',function(e) { var el = $(this); feframe.contents().find('body').html(""); feframe.attr('src','url')); febox.overlay().load(); }); })(jQuery);


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kremlin's rights council blasts Pussy Riot verdict

(AP) ? The Russian presidential human rights council is questioning the guilty verdict and two-year prison sentences against three members of punk provocateurs Pussy Riot.

The council said in a statement late Tuesday that "criminal law was used to deal with actions which entail administrative liability only" in the case. Members also questioned why the court did not impose suspended sentences on two of the three women who have small children.

Council members expressed dismay over a decision to keep Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich hand-cuffed in a bullet-proof glass cage during the hearing of the verdict.

"We are confident that the civil society has the right to demand that Russian justice be governed by the truth and mercy," the council said.

The council is an independent advisory body appointed by the president and its recommendations are not binding. All of its members were appointed under former President Dmitry Medvedev.

The group is up for a reshuffle since some of its most critical members have resigned, saying that they don't want to work under President Vladimir Putin. The new council could be less critical, but has had very little sway over government decisions.

The three women were found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred earlier this month after performing a "punk prayer" against Putin in Moscow's main cathedral. The verdict caused protests and outrage both in Russia and abroad.

The women on Monday filed an appeal of the verdict which is expected to be heard within the following 10 days. Meanwhile, the band said at least two of its members have fled Russia to avoid arrest.

Associated Press


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Marmoset Bites Battalion Chief in Florida ? Exotic Pets ? ...

If you like scratch and win tickets, slot machines and poker then you?re going to want to sign up for all three of these Facebook applications. Be careful, these gambling applications can become addicting because they are so much fun to play. Scratch and Win Lottery Tickets Buy scratch and win tickets with your credits. [...]

VoIP or voice over internet protocol (also used as internet telephony, broadband phone, voice over broadband) is one among the many forms of communication protocol. It helps in the transmission and receiving of audio files or voice communications over the internet. Voice over internet protocol or internet telephony gets its name because it helps in [...]

BERLIN (Reuters) ? Lawmakers from Chancellor Angela Merkel?s coalition will make a proposal this week to persuade rebel colleagues to back measures to bolster the powers of the euro zone bailout fund, a senior conservative lawmaker said on Monday. Some 23 lawmakers from Merkel?s own coalition have said they would not back the reforms of [...]

Property remodeling is definitely a private venture to anyone. It demands distinct requirements associated with an individual?s house, as well as other sorts of projects. This great world has got a lot of resources, laws, as well as techniques it can easily seem a tad perplexing as to where you ought to begin. These pointers [...]

HANOI, Vietnam ? Vietnam?s prime minister called for an investigation Tuesday into a guerrilla-style clash between authorities and farmers who tried to fend off a land eviction by laying homemade land mines and firing improvised shotguns. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued the order into the high-profile case after six police and army officers were [...]


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Add Word Winder to Your Collection of Family-Friendly Board Games

Post image for Add Word Winder to Your Collection of Family-Friendly Board Games

If you?re a Scrabble fan, Word Winder is definitely worth adding to your board game collection. The game challenges you to find words on a grid, much like in a pen and paper word search puzzle. You win by creating a continuous unbroken line of words from one end of the board to the other.

I like that the cards have letters on both sides and can be combined in a bunch of different ways so that the game board is always new. This makes Word Winder a good choice if you are looking for a board game with a lot of replay value.

There are three different colors of chips in the Word Winder set. This works out well for my family of three, but you will need to form teams if you have a bigger group that wants to play.

My son is almost eight, so he?s realistically a little young for word games. He understood the basic concept of this game, but had trouble being able to spell some of the words he wanted to make. I do think it was easier for him to play than Scrabble, however, because there wasn?t the concern about adding up points and getting double or triple letter scores.

For me, the hardest part of the game was getting used to spelling words diagonally. In Word Winder, words may be spelled in any direction as long as the square of each letter in the word is touching the square of the word?s next letter. You can even switch directions in the middle of the word, although this is likely to confuse younger children.

Overall, I?d say Word Winder is a worthy addition to your collection of family-friendly games even if you need to modify the game somewhat for to make it easier for younger players.

You can learn more about Word Winder by visiting the game?s website.

Disclaimer: A sample Word Winder game was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of preparing this review.

Photo credit: Word Winder

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peru LNG Cargo Heads to Mexico>> LNG World News

Peru LNG Cargo Heads to Mexico

Peru LNG shipped a liquefied natural gas cargo to Mexico on August 28, according to PeruPetro S.A.

The cargo is being hauled by the Ribera del Duero Knutsen, a 173,000 cubic-meter tanker owned by Knutsen OAS Shipping.

The Peru LNG project includes two parts: an LNG plant with a marine terminal from which LNG is sent overseas, and a pipeline connected to the existing TgP pipeline to transport natural gas from the connection point in the mountains of Ayacucho to the LNG plant located on the coast.

Four energy companies form the PERU LNG consortium: Hunt Oil Company of the United States, with a 50% participating interest; SK Energy of South Korea, with a 20% participating interest; Repsol of Spain, also with a 20% participating interest; and Marubeni Corporation of Japan, with a 10% participating interest.

LNG World News Staff, August 29, 2012; Image: Knutsen



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Digital Photography ? Digital Cameras And Its Benefits Article

1888 Articles Home | Arts and Entertainment Articles Arts and Entertainment RSS Digital Photography ? Digital Cameras And Its Benefits ,
Nutrition for the Hyperactive Child. by Robert Thomson

Digital Photography ? Digital Cameras And Its Benefits by Robert Thomson

Compact Digital Camera ? Why Is It So Special? by Robert Thomson
Author: Robert Thomson Article Tools: Although photography has been in the market for quite some time,louboutin, some people still ask ?how much it?s going to cost me??,abercrombie, ?what a digital camera can do?? and ?why do I need photography??

Let?s look at each of them in detail:

As digital photography is getting more popular, things are going to get cheaper. One of the reasons is that manufacturers are competing for market share and they are more likely to launch cheaper cameras with more functions. Just look at the compact digital camera in the market now, you can get a camera with at least 9 megapixels and 10x optical zoom at the price of less than $300. Even the DSLR cameras nowadays are getting more and more affordable.

Also when competitions are getting stronger,, manufacturers will try to make cameras with as many features as possible. It is like an unwritten rule that compact digital cameras nowadays must be able to record video and audio. When you launch a point and shoot camera without this feature,, your potential clients might not even want to look at it.

Also some digital cameras nowadays are equipped with sophisticated editing software and touch screen capability. You can now add stars, fog it up or add other whacky stuffs on the camera.

Since you can operate your camera with touch screen,chaussure de foot, you can expect that one day,What is the Difference between Mud Flaps, Splash or Mud Guards ,louboutin pas cher, you will see the LCD screen big enough to occupy the back of your camera. Can you imagine how much fun it is to look at your pictures in such a big screen and it will be more breath taking when the manufacturers throw in wide angle lens together.

Now,Man test drive Porsche For driving flee hit the tree killed,chaussures de foot, when you are going into digital photography,Simple Tips For Marketing Your Online Affiliate Business,abercrombie, it is only logic that you have a digital camera. Photography is more than a hobby. It is about keeping the memory of that special moment. You want to remind yourself that you were once there at that period. You want to be able to show your child that you were young once and how life was back then. It is a different experience when you look back at your photos 10 years ago. Go have a look at them now.

Other Related Articles

Do you enjoy taking photos? Do you want more digital photography tips and techniques? Michael Wong is happy to share his knowledge about digital photography with you and hope you enjoy them. Just look at

Article Source:

Food and Mood The Link Explored by Robert Thomson

About Author

This article talks about how much digital photography will cost,abercrombie france, what a digital camera can do and should or should you not get a digital camera. Find out for yourself the benefits of having a digital camera here?


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Stocks flat in midday trading; oil creeps to $96

NEW YORK (AP) ? A mixed pair of economic reports kept the stock market hovering near the break-even mark Tuesday. One report on home prices looked encouraging, and another on consumer confidence was worrisome.

The price of a house increased in all major U.S. cities in June, according to the closely-watched Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index. The report was the latest sign that the housing market has been gaining strength.

"I thought it was terrific," said Phil Orlando, chief equity strategist at Federated Investors. "If you look at all of the key housing metrics over the past year ? affordability, building permits, starts ? all those numbers are pointing in the right direction."

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 12 points to 13,137 shortly after noon EDT. The Standard & Poor's 500 index inched up two points to 1,412, and the Nasdaq composite index gained seven points to 3,079.

The indexes dipped in morning trading after the Conference Board said that its consumer confidence index fell to its lowest point since November 2011. Economists had expected a much higher reading. The index was 60.6, down from 65.4 in July.

That unexpected drop bolsters the case for the Federal Reserve to take more action to spur economic growth, said Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in New York, in a note to clients.

For economists and investors, the big event this week is Chairman Ben Bernanke's speech at an annual conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Traders will sift through his speech Friday for evidence the Fed is readying more support.

Crude oil crept above $96 a barrel as Tropical Storm Isaac moved through the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center predicted Isaac would grow to hurricane status. Roughly one-quarter of the country's oil is produced in the Gulf.

Worries over Europe resurfaced after one of Spain's largest regions, Catalonia, said it will ask the central government for $6.3 billion in rescue aid. Catalonia would be the third Spanish region to ask for help.

Borrowing costs for Spain and Italy jumped, and major stock indexes in Europe were mostly lower. Germany's DAX dropped 0.6 percent, while France's CAC 40 fell 0.8 percent.

Among other U.S. stocks making big moves:

? Lexmark International jumped 13 percent, the biggest gain in the S&P. Lexmark said that it will stop making ink-jet printers and plans to lay off 1,700 employees, nearly 13 percent of its work force. The company expects to shutter its ink-jet supply plant in the Philippines by the end of 2015. Lexmark's stock jumped $2.53 to $21.54.

? The world's top ketchup maker, H.J. Heinz, gained 3 percent. The company's CEO said strong sales in Brazil, Indonesia and other developing countries should help quarterly earnings beat Wall Street's expectations. The Pittsburgh company reports results Wednesday. Its stock rose 41.70 to $58.16.

? Sanderson Farms soared 8 percent after the poultry company swung to a quarterly profit. Higher prices for chicken parts, from boneless breasts to jumbo wings, pushed both profits and revenue above analysts' estimates. Sanderson Farms' stock surged $3.38 to $43.97.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Construction Industry | Check the range of products and services ...

Determine the amount of time, have been a John business in the mobile toilet or port. Usually an operator improved concentrated on their business with time in the care of their customers

The following are some tips on what you pay attention when a company rent mobile toilet.

Review products and services. Portable-port is a John toilet more often asked if they offer a great deal of professional services, for the core business they are involved, but it is only a small part of a much larger spread of services less.

How could the portable a John toilet holder waste remove after your event or construction site port? Is the portable port John toilet a part of a national brand operator? In the toilet rental business some operator names are very well known at the national level and are considered very high.

Is connected to the portable toilet operator or an affiliate requires portable sanitation Europe (PSE), a trade organization maintain high standards within the portable sanitation industry?

Take a look the operators website and if you see a then they are poorly designed website with poor quality images, probably a bad service for their customers

Popular websites for reviews of WC operator or manufacturer to check. Just enter the name of the company in a search engine, followed by the word Review to read, that customer reviews if they exist

If you are looking to rent chemical toilets to check how often the operator refurbished or renewed their camp as tired and old portable toilets can cause immediate dissatisfaction

Check the mobile toilet operators hygiene certification and whether they provide their mobile toilet units with air Freshers

Check the popular video sites such as YouTube to see whether all customers or even the Porta-potty operator has released videos of their product, so that you can get a good impression of the product in use.


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Ist Results ? Blog Archive ? Is Remaining A Health Insurance Plan ...

In case you are asking, ?is currently being a overall health insurance coverage agent a very good job during this marketplace?? then you definately are probably trying to find a dwelling small business option. When using the new downward spiral from the marketplace lots of consumers are on the lookout for supplemental chances. It seems the most up-to-date pattern may be the financial recovery. A lot more and a lot more company are opening up and thriving.

In which you lately laid off? Lots of People in the usa happen to be affreux off while in the earlier several a long time. This has made the chance for several of them to open their own tiny business enterprise. Is this a possibility for you? Or else you prefer use q carbo detox drink to pass a drug exam for dirty electrican career? What exactly are you enthusiastic about? When you have a thing that you intend to do, go for it.

?Is remaining a health insurance plan agent a very good occupation in this financial system?? can be a legitimate issue. It?s possible you?ll must establish how saturated your regional market is with insurance coverage agents. Before you could provide anything there requires to generally be a desire. In case you open a brand new supermarket throughout the street from many others which have been by now thriving your probabilities of achievement are very low. Precisely the same applies with any type of living small business.

Should you are merely searching for a work that will be a paycheck you may not be content for very lengthy. A great strategy to opt for the best job for your self is always to believe about what interests you. You could have the opportunity to uncover a vocation that requires a passion of yours. That would make your operating days lots much more pleasurable for several years to occur.

What else may also help decide the success within your modest enterprise? Acquiring the appropriate training can be a large as well as in relation to managing a business. You really don?t require a lengthy difficult degree; some distinct programs may be all you require. In the event you aren?t sure where to begin discover anyone that has started their particular company. They might be much more than happy to stage you while in the ideal direction.

Make Your very own Achievement

You can not sit around waiting around permanently factors to occur. If you need to generally be successful you will need to go after that good results. Results might require you entire more schooling, or are living on a tight finances for a handful of decades to obtain up and heading. Following asking on your own, ?is getting a well being insurance policies agent a fantastic task in this particular economy?? go out and allow it to be transpire. If you need your living organization to become effective then you can have to place in the ton of tough operate.


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John Raso | Lose Weight QnA - Herrera Branden78's blog

Recreation-and-Sports Miami BallPark and How it Will Increase the Marlin?s Payroll

15th March 2011 Fans that follow Major League Baseball with any regularity know that the Florida Marlins are typically at the bottom of the league in terms of attendance and as a result have a very small payroll. However, in just 17 short years they have collected two Wo? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports The Curse of the Billy Goat and the Chicago Cubs

03rd March 2011 In a sports world where fans climb aboard the bandwagon on a whim and surrender hope in their team, people must give credit to the fans of the Chicago Cubs. Not since 1908 have Cubs fans been able to rejoice in a World Series Championship. Over a hundred ? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports New York Yankees ? Boston Red Sox: America?s Finest Rivalry

02nd March 2011 What is the most powerful rivalry in all of sports? Ohio State ? Michigan in NCAA football? Duke ? North Carolina in NCAA basketball? Neither of them. Real sports fans know that the New York Yankees ? Boston Red Sox rivalry is unparalleled by any rivalry ? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Mike Brown: Worst Owner in the National Football League

28th February 2011 Any owner of every professional sports team attracts unfavorable criticism from fans and media at some point throughout the year. Any decision-maker for that matter, whether it be from a company, a school, a church,Minnesota Vikings nike jersey, is frequently confronted with criticism? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports How did Baseball find its way to the Dominican Republic

28th February 2011 There are various myths in regards to the foundation and beginnings of baseball in the Dominican Republic. No, American Marines didn?t teach the sport to the local people when they invaded in 1916. Native Dominicans truthfully learned the game of baseball? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports The NHL: Will it?s fan base ever grow in the United States?

28th February 2011 Okay,NFL Network Providing the Viewers to Experience Many Great Shows, the National Hockey League does have some popularity in the United State. After reading for days on the topic of hockey?s level of popularity,The Most Popular Sports Shoes, the answer is that it is merely a matter of geography and climate. The 2 national hockey powerhouses are c? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Josh Gibson: The Black Babe Ruth

26th February 2011 Who are some names you think of whenever you think of the finest home run hitters in baseball history? Willie Mays. Ken Griffey Jr. Mark Mcgwire. Hank Aaron. Babe Ruth. The fact is, possibly the best home run hitter to ever play baseball won?t surface in ? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Why have NCAA Sports Seen a drop in ratings?

24th February 2011 Both college basketball and college football have seen a evident decline in ratings in recent years. That is a fact. Instead of fixing a flawed BCS system and utilizing a football playoff system, the NCAA would rather change a perfect fielding of 64 baske? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Baseball Gaining Momentum in Inner Cities

24th February 2011 Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (R.B.I.) is a program that gives inner city youth a chance to take up and understand the game of baseball. The program originated in Los Angeles, CA (1989) through the help of former MLB scout John Young. Now 2011, this s? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports The NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL; Differing Levels of Popularity

23rd February 2011 The NFL and MLB are the captivating Kings of the sports planet . The months of February and March are easily the most dreadful months in our calendar year; no football nor baseball. We all even made a solid attempt to watch Arena Football when it was stil? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Major League Baseball and the salary cap

23rd February 2011 We are all familiar with the never ending debate on employing a salary cap into Major League Baseball. Luxury taxes and salary caps are aimed at curing payroll inflation, levelling the playing field as well as combatting high ticket prices. Fans outside o? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Professional Athletes: From Riches to Rags

23rd February 2011 Do you ever find yourself bewildered at many of the stories you read about pro athletes losing their fortunes? It?s disgusting that a lot of of the fans in these large cities are dwelling well making 60k-70k a year while athletes are mis-managing Millions? Read >

Recreation-and-Sports The Cost of NFL Tickets on an Incline.

23rd February 2011 Today, the most expensive sport to see in person is most certainly the NFL. There are only 8 home games, which makes buying season tickets a fairly easy committment compared to the other 3 major sports (NBA,Tap Into Total Football Action With Nfl Sunday Tic, MLB, NHL). We often hear of fans complaining ab? Read >

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Monday, August 27, 2012

NASA to launch mini lab, test for cancer and disease in space

DNP Microflow

It's hard to find a good specialist on earth, let alone when you're floating 240 miles above it. That's why NASA will test the Microflow, a breadbox-sized device that instantly detects cancer and infectious diseases, and can even sense the presence of rotten food. The Canadian-made device is a "flow cytometer," which works by analyzing microparticles in blood or other fluids and replaces hospital versions weighing hundreds of pounds. Here on Earth, the device could let people in remote communities be tested more quickly for disease, or permit on-site testing of food quality, for instance. It will be particularly advantageous in space, however, where Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will test it during his six-month ISS mission, allowing crew to monitor, diagnose and treat themselves without outside help. Now, if we could just get it down to a hand size, and use some kind of radio waves instead -- oh wait, that's not until Stardate -105352.

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Broncos, Manning meet halfway to build new offense

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) passes against the San Francisco 49ers during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game in Denver, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) passes against the San Francisco 49ers during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game in Denver, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) calls a play at the line of scrimmage during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Denver, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass to wide receiver Eric Decker (87) during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Denver, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) passes against the San Francisco 49ers during the first quarter of an NFL preseason football game in Denver, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP) ? Peyton Manning's longest pass play of the preseason didn't go to one of his towering tight ends or his mammoth wide receivers.

Running back Lance Ball, who packs 215 pounds into his 5-foot-9 frame, lined up wide to the right across from a San Francisco 49ers linebacker and hauled in a 38-yard pass that set up Manning's first TD throw in orange and blue.

"That was a nice route by him," Manning said. "He has shown that ability to run routes like a receiver out of the backfield. Hopefully that's another weapon we can take advantage of if he gets a linebacker or a safety out on him."

Ball played briefly in Indianapolis in 2008, so his history with Manning goes back a little ways, and he knows that if he can get open, the ball will be headed his way.

"I think as a running back that gives us another option out there," said Ball, who bruised his ribs on the big catch. "We're just not dummies out there when we split out wide."

It was the latest example of the hybrid offense the Broncos (No. 10 in the AP Pro32) have installed since signing the four-time MVP in March, which spelled the end of the throwback read-option experiment under Tim Tebow.

Manning told his new coaches he wasn't interested in lugging the Colts' playbook from Indianapolis, offering instead to fit into the Broncos' system just as much as they'd tailor the offense around him.

By meeting offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and quarterbacks coach Adam Gase halfway, Manning has more options at his disposal for his 2012 comeback tour than he did in his 14 seasons in Indy, which came to an end after he missed all of last season with a nerve injury that weakened his throwing arm.

"Everybody thinks that because Peyton is here we're changing everything," McCoy said. "But we have a system in place and that's the first thing Peyton said when he came here was, 'Hey listen, I want to learn your system.' So, there's plenty of other players here who we had to take into consideration as we're building this offense."

The Broncos are a blend of the power formations they used in leading the league in rushing last year with Tebow and some of the spread formations that Manning ran in Indianapolis.

A new twist for the 36-year-old quarterback is the presence of fullback Chris Gronkowski, which means Manning will run at times a two-back offense for the first time in his career. He'll also have rookie running back Ronnie Hillman, who's in the mold of Darren Sproles, to provide a change-of-pace to Willis McGahee and Ball.

In Manning's final tuneup for the regular season Sunday, the Broncos lined up in four- and five-receiver sets, two-tight end sets, ran the no-huddle at altitude, ran the conventional huddle, lined up Gronkowski and other times went with a one-back set or an empty backfield.

"That's what this preseason is for. You want to win the game but you want to get a look at different players," Manning said. "Gronkowski at fullback, look at Lance Ball out at wide receiver out of the backfield. I'm not sure if they accomplished everything the coaches wanted to accomplish, but we knew we were going to mix our personnel groupings today.

"No matter what grouping we were in, we showed we could move the ball."

It was good for defensive coordinators to catch a glimpse of the Broncos' blended offense, although Denver didn't reveal much besides its newfound versatility.

Opponents won't have much film to analyze at first. They can pretty much scrap the final 13 games the Broncos played last year with Tebow under center, and it won't do much good to review the first five games of last season, either, when Kyle Orton was the quarterback.

If they look at Manning's 2010 season in Indy, it will bear only some resemblance to this year's version in Denver.

So, for a while, Manning will have the element of surprise on his side as he embarks on his comeback from the nerve issue that weakened his right triceps and required four neck operations, including a fusion in September.

Manning staked Denver to a 17-0 lead in less than a quarter of work Sunday, then watched his backups fritter away the lead in a 29-24 loss to the Niners (No. 4, AP Pro32).

Coach John Fox was so pleased with Manning's play, he took him out after less than a quarter of work.

"I've seen steady improvement since he got here and that's a tribute to him, his work ethic, his offensive coaches, his teammates," Fox said. "For being a first-year guy, to come in and learn an offense and execute an offense with the precision he has is pretty good."

Manning threw his first two TD passes as a Bronco and led Denver to scores on all three of his drives, diagnosing the defense at the line of scrimmage just as if he's always done.

"I think he knew what we were going to do before the snap even happened," 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks said.

Notes: The Broncos placed DE Jason Hunter on IR with a torn right triceps that required surgery. ... DT Kevin Vickerson had a pair of tackles after missing the previous preseason game with a concussion. "I'm A-1, I'm good to go," Vickerson said. ... WR Eric Decker on his version of the Lambeau Leap after his second TD catch from Manning: "I couldn't slow down, so I had to jump and stop myself."


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QuotEd Reading Comprehension (Education) - iApper

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QuotEd Reading Comprehension


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paul's backers gather for big rally, urge a look at his foreign policy views (Washington Bureau)

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Why conventions still matter

Yes, they have become costly infomercials. But political conventions can clarify ? and sometimes even electrify.?

By Robert A. Lehrman,?Correspondent / August 24, 2012

This is the cover story in the Aug. 20 & 27 combined issue of The Christian Science MonitorWeekly.

Robert Harbison/The Christian Science Monitor/File


Can it be? Yes! They're shouting at him! "Put the microphones down! We can't see you!"

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Harry Truman, wearing a white linen suit, peers out at the delegates. It's 1948. Two o'clock in the morning. He's trying to start his speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. So far, it's been humiliating.

First, he knows he's a terrible speaker ? so bad his aides now give him talking points, hoping he'll be livelier when he ad-libs.

Worse, most delegates don't like him. Truman knows they want to draft the most popular person in the country, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower. Only the political bosses running their delegations have kept them in line.

And the Southern Democrats? With a civil rights plank in the platform, they've walked out, likely to form a third party, which everybody thinks will doom his chances.

Even little things backfire. Just as he got to the stage, a woman rushed up to present him with a cage containing "doves of peace." They were pigeons. They got loose, flew up to the rafters and, as an aide wrote later, "did what pigeons do."

"Watch your clothes!" delegates cried, covering their heads.

Now this! He's the president! Can't he even control the microphones?

"I can't!" Truman shouts back.

Today, 64 years later, the Republicans and Democrats are gearing up to gavel in their conventions in a way that will allow them to control every picosecond of the multiday events.

When the Republicans open their conclave on Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla., and the Democrats a week later in Charlotte, N.C., they will try to make everyone stay on message and stick to their meticulously prepared scripts in what has become one of the most tightly controlled rituals in American politics.

But since the first Democratic convention in 1832, these quadrennial events have always been full of surprises. These may be, too.

That's not to say there's any doubt about the outcome. Longtime GOP strategist Joe Gaylord ran the rules committee for the 1976 Republican National Convention ? the last convention when it wasn't clear who would be the nominee.

"That was a raucous event," says Mr. Gaylord, who went on to play major roles at five more. "Now, it's such a managed stage show."

That, he hastens to add, doesn't mean that conventions aren't worth watching.

Certainly viewers will hear about big issues. This election pits a nominee who wants to carry out the 2010 health-care act against one who wants to repeal it; one who'll work for same-sex marriage against one who'll try to keep marriage between a man and a woman; one who would repeal tax cuts for millionaires against one who would make those tax cuts permanent; one who would continue a government-run Medicare program against one who might convert it to a voucher-based system.

Washington will spend about $15 trillion in the next four years. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have different ideas about where that money should go. The conventions can highlight some of those differences.

Still, the changes in how conventions work and what they do have made people question the value of these events, which received $18 million each in federal subsidies this year, in addition to the $50 million Washington gives each host city for security. In 1996, Ted Koppel, then the popular host of "Nightline," left the Republican convention in San Diego early.

"More of an infomercial than a news event," he said, arguing that gavel-to-gavel coverage of them wasn't useful anymore.

Is that true? Does knowing who the nominees will be really mean there's no news worth reporting? How exactly have conventions changed over the years? Are they still important?

* * *



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tvnewslies: Mount Union pastor placed on leave following allegations of sex abuse

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Armstrong family request: Wink at the moon

See images from the career of astronaut and American hero Neil Armstrong.

By Alan Boyle

There are just a couple of things that Neil Armstrong's family wants you to do to pay tribute to the first moonwalker's life and legacy: Honor his example, and wink at the moon.

Armstrong, 82, is survived by his wife Carol, two sons by his former wife Janet, a stepson and stepdaughter, 10 grandchildren, a brother and a sister. Here's the?full statement issued by the family after his death:

"We are heartbroken to share the news that Neil Armstrong has passed away following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.

"Neil was our loving husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

"Neil Armstrong was also a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job. He served his Nation proudly, as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. He also found success back home in his native Ohio in business and academia, and became a community leader in Cincinnati.

"He remained an advocate of aviation and exploration throughout his life and never lost his boyhood wonder of these pursuits.

"As much as Neil cherished his privacy, he always appreciated the expressions of good will from people around the world and from all walks of life.

"While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate his remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to young people around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves.

"For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."

More about Neil Armstrong:

Alan Boyle is's science editor. Connect with the Cosmic Log community by "liking" the log's?Facebook page, following?@b0yle on Twitter?and adding the?Cosmic Log page?to your Google+ presence. To keep up with Cosmic Log as well as's other stories about science and space, sign up for the Tech & Science newsletter, delivered to your email in-box every weekday. You can also check out?"The Case for Pluto,"?my book about the dwarf planet and the search for new worlds.


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DNA could have existed long before life itself

THE latest twist in the origin-of-life tale is double helical. Chemists are close to demonstrating that the building blocks of DNA can form spontaneously from chemicals thought to be present on the primordial Earth. If they succeed, their work would suggest that DNA could have predated the birth of lifeMovie Camera.

DNA is essential to almost all life on Earth, yet most biologists think that life began with RNA. Just like DNA, it stores genetic information. What's more, RNA can fold into complex shapes that can clamp onto other molecules and speed up chemical reactions, just like a protein, and it is structurally simpler than DNA, so might be easier to make.

After decades of trying, in 2009 researchers finally managed to generate RNA using chemicals that probably existed on the early Earth. Matthew Powner, now at University College London, and his colleagues synthesised two of the four nucleotides that make up RNA. Their achievement suggested that RNA may have formed spontaneously - powerful support for the idea that life began in an "RNA world".

Powner's latest work suggests that a rethink might be in order. He is trying to make DNA nucleotides through similar methods to those he used to make RNA nucleotides in 2009. And he's getting closer.

Nucleotides consist of a sugar attached to a phosphate and a nitrogen-containing base molecule - these bases are the familiar letters of the genetic code. DNA nucleotides, which link together to form DNA, are harder to make than RNA nucleotides, because DNA uses a different sugar that is tougher to work with.

Starting with a mix of chemicals, many of them thought to have been present on the early Earth, Powner has now created a sugar like that in DNA, linked to a molecule called AICA, which is similar to a base (Journal of the American Chemical Society,

There is plenty still to do. Powner needs to turn AICA into a base, and add the phosphate. His molecule also has an unwanted sulphur atom, which helped the reactions along but now must be removed. Nevertheless, a DNA nucleotide is just a few years away, says Christopher Switzer of the University of California, Riverside. "It's practically a fait accompli at this point."

That could have important implications for our understanding of life's origins. Prebiotic chemists have so far largely ignored DNA, because its complexity suggests it cannot possibly form spontaneously. "Everybody and his brother has been saying 'RNA, RNA, RNA'," says Steven Benner of the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Florida.

Conventional wisdom is that RNA-based life eventually switched to DNA because DNA is better at storing information. In other words, RNA organisms made the first DNA.

If that is true, how did life make the switch? Modern organisms can convert RNA nucleotides into DNA nucleotides, but only using special enzymes that are costly to produce in terms of energy and materials. "You have to know that DNA does something good for you before you invent something like that," Switzer says.

He says the story makes more sense if DNA nucleotides were naturally present in the environment. Organisms could have taken up and used them, later developing the tools to make their own DNA once it became clear how advantageous the molecule was - and once natural supplies began to run low.

Early organisms must have scavenged for materials in this way, says Matthew Levy of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. "The early Earth was probably a bloody mess," he says, with all manner of rich pickings on offer.

Powner suggests another alternative. Life may have begun with an "RNA and DNA world", in which the two types of nucleotides were intermingled. Powner's co-author Jack Szostak, of the Harvard Medical School, has shown that "mongrel" molecules containing a mix of DNA and RNA nucleotides can perform some of the functions of pure RNA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Powner suggests that life started out using these hybrid molecules, gradually purifying them into DNA and RNA.

Benner says it makes more sense for the first life to have used pure DNA and RNA as early as possible. Both work better than the mongrel molecules.

Right now, though, there's nothing to tell us exactly how and when life first used DNA. "It almost becomes a choose-your-own-adventure game," says Levy.

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Closings during the Republican National Convention (tbo)

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