Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Than Just a Health Risk | Fitness Center

If you are a smoker you already realize that you are risking your health. There are other things that smoking can cause that you may not realize. Quite frankly, smoking makes you stink. Your breath smells horrible, even if you use mouthwash or suck on mints. Your hair and your clothes also smell terrible, people can tell that you are a smoker when you walk by. Your teeth are not as white as they could be, that is because of the smoking as well. The smoke that you inhale causes your teeth to yellow, which is unsightly. If smoking does that much damage to your breath and your teeth imagine what it is doing to your lungs! If you want to quit but haven?t been able to there is a fairly new tool that will help you break the habit for good.

If you want to quit smoking you should try an electric cigarette. It is made to mimic a cigarette but without all of the health risks associated with tobacco cigarettes. You use it like you would a tobacco cigarette, you inhale from the end. The difference is that with electric cigarettes it is a vapor that you are inhaling, not smoke. It is much healthier and, unlike tobacco cigarettes, the smell does not get all over everything.

You might wonder why an electronic cigarette will not make your breath smell bad the way that tobacco cigarettes do. The answer is simple, the vapors come in different flavors. Unlike regular cigarettes the vapor doesn?t smell bad so you will not end up smelling bad because of it. Your hair and your clothes will no longer smell, the vapor does not travel through the air the same way that smoke does.

An electric cigarette is easy to use. Buy a decent starter kit, there are some poor models out there. You want to go for quality, you are making an investment in your health. You put the juice into the unit and turn it on. The juice evaporates into the vapor. There is no flame, a small rechargeable battery is the power source. The unit stays cool.

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