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A View from the Other Side of the Chasm | Vidyo Blog

In his 1991 classic bestseller, Crossing the Chasm, and ?the 1995 follow-up book , Inside the Tornado, author Geoffrey Moore offers the concept of a five-stage technology adoption life cycle, with special emphasis on a ?deep and dividing chasm? that separates the early adoption of any new technology or technological paradigm from ultimate acceptance by the mass market.? Moore theorizes that this wide gap, if not bridged carefully from a marketing standpoint, often threatens the success of new-entrant companies; even those with the most innovative and disruptive technologies. ?He suggests that if and when a product ?crosses the chasm? it then experiences the Tornado, ?a period of mass-market adoption, when the general marketplace switches over to the new infrastructure paradigm? which hopefully propels the product into a period of mass-market adoption.

Well, I?m pleased to report that, after years of steadfast effort to build and secure that all important bridge, Vidyo is now solidly positioned on the other side of that chasm and experiencing rapid growth within the tornado ? and though it?s a bit breezy at times, the energy in here is great!

Yesterday Vidyo announced that it completed another record year in 2012 ? delivering 68% billings growth, with our top 25 reseller partners growing over 435% on aggregate since Q1 2011 through Q4 2012.? All evidence points to Vidyo?s holistic business growth, market traction and our leading role in transforming the video conferencing industry.

The new paradigm Vidyo introduced into the video conferencing industry, has truly changed the game and transformed the industry to where incumbent players have not only acknowledged Vidyo?s approach, they have announced support for Scalable Video Coding (SVC), the standard chosen by Vidyo to enable the unique VidyoRouter architecture.? SVC has gone from something that only the earliest adopters had heard of five years ago, to a key purchasing criterion for those looking to invest in a video conferencing solution.? Vidyo?s new paradigm has brought costs and quality in line with customer expectations and, as a result, opened new markets and usage scenarios that are thriving from the benefit of Vidyo?s architectural advantages that enable our customers to scale their deployments to support 1000x more devices (off-the-shelf hardware like desktops, laptops and mobile) than room systems!

According to Moore?s innovation adoption life cycle, the other side of the chasm is comprised of what he calls the ?pragmatists? of the market ? those who need to see well-established proof before investing in a product or service.?Pragmatists want to know that others are using the product successfully and their risks are minimal.? As more and more pragmatists are convinced, market demand increases exponentially, and that?s when a new product or paradigm is ?inside the tornado?? being swept up to the top of the technology adoption curve.

Vidyo is well on its way to the top of the mass market curve ? we have provided ample evidence that our paradigm is the smart choice!? In 2012 we have continued to win many new customers, establish key partnerships, solidify existing ones, and open a variety of new markets. Most importantly, in terms of Moore?s theory, we have secured the necessary ?lighthouse? customers and partners whose beacons shine with the successes they are having and illuminate the many technological and economic advantages Vidyo has brought to their organizations.? Vidyo has seen tremendous success with the pragmatists (while opening other new usage scenarios in markets comprised of enthusiasts and innovators), a segment of the market that has fueled our growth.

So?what does it look like from the other side of the chasm?? From the early majority side, the view is expansive and promising ? there are hills to climb, no doubt ? but as any mountaineer knows, with the proper skills, tools and experience, the sky is the limit.?Vidyo has the insight, a substantial technology advantage and, the proven experience to continue to transform the video communications industry, forging new ground in terms of quality, scalability and affordability.?? Check out Vidyo?s news and see the view for yourself.

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Ashish is Vidyo?s CMO and Senior Vice President, Corporate Development. Ashish joins Vidyo having successfully led product marketing, product management, channels and business development teams in unified communication, collaboration, mobile and telecom companies with a focus on growing and scaling the business. Previously, Ashish led the Business Development and Strategy team for Microsoft Office Division?s Unified Communications Group. He also led Microsoft?s Channel Sales and Marketing team for Real Time Communications, led and managed key Microsoft Office and Unified Communications and Collaboration strategic alliances and co-led key strategic initiatives. Prior to Microsoft, Ashish was VP of Product and Solutions at Alcatel/Genesys Telecommunications, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Telera Inc., management consultant for Braxton/Deloitte Consulting, and held marketing leadership positions at HP and Covad. Ashish has an MBA from UCLA and a Bachelors in Economics and Computer Science from Grinnell College.


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