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GWH News and Notes: Ohio Valley Wrestling Episode 710 Recap

From Jimmie Daniel:

This is the recap for Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Episode 710 to air in Louisville 3/30. Next Saturday 4/6, not only does the next Saturday Night Special take place but also OVW TV is moving to a new station in Louisville, WBNA-21 the ION affiliate and will air Saturdays at noon ET. OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean "San Juan" Hill", "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus, who also is doing the ring announcing.

The Coalition ( "The Washington Generals" Crimson & Jason Wayne, "Squad Alpha" Jack Black & Joe Coleman, "Squad Alpha" Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta, plus the Spanish Moss Guy) comes to the ring. Wayne lines up the troops then Crimson calls out OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams. Crimson states that he is the number one contender for Williams' title since he defeated Jamin Olivencia last week (albeit with help from Williams). Crimson brings up Williams' deal with the Coalition that was agreed upon in a secret meeting a few weeks ago, where whoever from the Coalition prevented Olivencia from getting a one-on-one match with Williams, that person would get a title shot. Crimson is impatient and wants his title shot now! Williams takes issue with "now", saying he is like a Swiss clock and needs time to properly prepare. Crimson stops him, saying time was not addressed in any of their negotiations! Crimson shows us a survival knife as Williams again states that he needs to warm up and stretch but reluctantly agrees to do the match later tonight. Wayne then takes the mic, proclaiming the Coalition as the greatest anti-terrorist force ever assembled! He then asks the four squad members individually (and with long nicknames for everyone) why they joined up the group. The answers generally revolved around eliminating terrorists. Wayne then asks Spanish Moss Guy (who he calls "Gilley-man" -like Mickey Gilley?) the same question and gestures his response, implying he is looking out for something or someone. The Coalition salutes and leaves.

Match #1: "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/The Entourage) vs "White Kryptonite" Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy Danger)

Entourage consists of four unidentified others, one of whom is holding a champagne bucket. Diamond reminds Danger that this is all about Epiphany, whom Diamond is carrying a picture of as he enters the ring. Titus accuses Danger of copying his hairdo, lol. Rosa has his way early as Diamond seems unfocused despite Danger's best efforts, including climbing up on the apron to show Diamond the picture.

Rosa grabs the picture and kisses it before ripping it in two. This angers Diamond, who Thesz presses Rosa and beats on him. An Entourage guy hand Rosa the bucket and hits Diamond with it but ref Josh Ashcraft is distracted as Danger is confronting the other three entourage guys. Epiphany runs in and clotheslines Rosa then Diamond covers him for the pin.

In the back, Williams is talking to Jay Bradley about possibly having his back later but Jonze and Lamotta sneak up on them as they are doing recon on Williams, who runs away. Dean is not sympathetic to Williams' plight since he did make a deal with Crimson (who Dean refers to as a snake) and the Coalition. Titus says that Williams was desperate to make sure he didn't have to face Jamin Olivencia again and was willing to do anything to make sure that happened.

Rudy Switchblade comes to the ring with a ref Jordan Barker. Rudy is tired of all the running and hiding by Jesse Godderz and wants their ongoing match/saga/tiff/squabble to end tonight! Gilbert opines that the 24/7 match got paused. Rudy says he didn't think it would take this long to kick Jesse's butt.

Match #2:"Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade vs "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jesse Godderz

Jesse wanders out to ringside and Rudy dives on him for 2 as they commence brawling all around ringside. Back in, Jesse yanks Rudy out of the corner and poses but Rudy rolls him up for 2 then neckbreakers him. Jesse tries to leave and Rudy follows but Jesse pops back through the curtain and hits Rudy with a stagelight for 2. Jesse rams Rudy into the announce table and covers him for 2 then drags him around ringside and gives him some kneelifts. Jesse applies an abdominal stretch until Rudy hiptosses out. Jesse grabs a chair and slides it in the ring and has a seat in front of Rudy, who is on his back. Rudy drop toeholds him into the chair then hits him in the ribs with it. Meanwhile, Jay Bradley and James "Moose" Thomas brawl their way to ringside and are joined by "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Titus says Spade makes coffee nervous. All five men get mixed together and brawl to the back.

Paredyse is on the phone with Brandon "Espy" Espinosa, who has apparently slipped and fell in the bathtub, so he won't be there for Paredyse's match. Paredyse asks about Just Chris but is told Chris tripped over her tutu and won't be there either. Paradyse thinks this is an omen.

Match #3: Paredyse vs Albert Einstein Baxter II

Albert is intro'd as being from Princeton then trips as he climbs into the ring. Paredyse taunts Albert a lot, even pulling off Albert's bowtie and sticking it down the front of his tights. Titus notes that Paredyse has a vicious side and is showing it here. Gilbert says the Ivy League-educated Lambda Lambda Lambda (Albert and his brother Stephon J Baxter III) have studied wrestling a lot but it hasn't transferred to any success thus far. Paredyse gives Albert a wedgie then removes Albert's glasses as a video comes up of Brittany Devore bathed in red light. The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) keep sticking their heads in the picture to wonder what's going on, lol. Anyway, Brittany declares that she will hunt down Paredyse, Espy, and Chris!. Back to the match, Albert fires up on the spooked Paredyse, who manages to pull out a win via a legsweep.

Williams seeks out OUR OVW Director of Operations Michael (not PS) Hayes but instead encounters Trailer Park Trash. Williams asks about procedures for contender matches but TPT brushes him off, saying he only does paperwork around here now. Coleman and Black sneak up on Williams, who slips off into another room.

Match #4: "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe (w/guitar) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Rockstar Spud

Dean compares Spud to Bill Dundee and suggests that Howe and Spud would be quite a team! Spud opens with a flurry and dropkicks Howe out but pulls up on a dive when Howe moves out of the way. Spud holds the ropes open so Howe can climb back in. Spud escapes a headlock but Howe catapults him into the corner. Howe drops and pops for 2 but Taeler Hendrix wanders out. She cheers for Howe as the discussion turns to her thinking Howe has been sending her gifts but he hasn?t confirmed or denied it. Howe slams Spud to the mat and "tunes up the band" before dropping an elbow on Spud for 2. Heidi Lovelace comes out to confront Taeler, since Heidi also is enamored with Howe. Taeler gestures for her to talk to the hand! "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic comes out to also confront Taeler, thus completing the "love box" (as opposed to a love triangle) and leading to a Dean and Gilbert breaking the seal on some soap opera puns! Howe steps out to argue with Bostic and gets counted out. Howe yells at Taeler, she is sad but Heidi is happy. Meanwhile Spud talks to the ref and gets him to restart the match, since it is assumed that he doesn't want to win the match this way. So Howe yelled at poor Taeler for nothing! Spud opens up with another flurry as it is noted that the fans are not sure who to cheer for. Back from break, Howe suplexes Spud for 2 then kneelifts him. Spud rolls out as Gilbert notes both the 10-minute limit and the $1000 for the successful title defense. Back in, Howe tries a sleeper but Spud rolls him up for 2. Dean says Spud has gained respect in his eyes for agreeing to restart the match. Howe slams Spud and goes for the blockbuster but Spud gets up and Howe leapfrogs him. Spud tiltawhirls Howe out then somersaults out onto him. Back in, Spud top-rope splashes Howe for 2 but takes a neckbreaker. Howe comes up empty on a swanton and Spud DDTs him for the pin.

In the back, Tony Gunn & "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal have watched all this. Apparently Royal is going to challenge Spud for the title next week as Gunn states that "we're going to win the TV title". the fun is interrupted by "The Great" Cliff Compton (still carrying the retired belt) who says that HE will have a rematch with Spud next week and once again become OUR OVW Multimedia TV Champion! Compton says it will be so exciting that Royal will have another heart attack!

Match #5: Crimson (w/The Coalition) vs OUR OVW Champion Doug Williams

Bell rings but before we get any action, out comes Jamin Olivencia in street clothes followed by Ashcraft and Hayes (who is sporting a bow tie). Jamin has some breaking news for Williams then turns the mic over to Hayes. According to Hayes, there is good news and great news for Williams: the good-that this match isn't going to happen, and the "great"-since Williams did such a good job explaining the rules a few weeks ago when he got the OVW Board of Directors to overturn his title loss to Jamin that Hayes applied the same rules here. After Ashcraft affirms that Williams did indeed physically assault him last week, Hayes rules that Crimson should have been disqualified, making Jamin the winner of the match and number one contender! Williams storms off as Crimson gets all up in Hayes' face and demands to know why he changed the decision. Jamin steps in but Crimson shoves him. Jamin spears Crimson but gets bum rushed by the Coalition. OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "New School Gut Checkers" (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) hit the ring to help Jamin out, quickly followed by "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry, Gunn, and Royal. Mucho brawling occurs as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I'll admit it, I spent the first 53 minutes wondering where Michael Hayes was. I enjoyed seeing Williams getting the tables turned on him and also the Coalition getting some collateral damage. Liked Danger motivating Diamond, it was nice to see some sort of positive acknowledgement from Epiphany. Perhaps the ongoing Switchblade/Godderz feud may survive a nuclear war? Can't wait for Brittany's revenge on Paredyse while the Mobile Homers wonder what the heck is going on, lol. Have mixed feeling about Spud, no mic work, he just showed up and won the TV title but he has no comments or anything? I guess "love square" might be more appropriate, because when I hear "love box" I recall reading letters to Penthouse! Nothing has been set in stone for Saturday Night Special. Anyway, I found this show quite entertaining, so it's another thumbs up.


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