Saturday, December 3, 2011

San Fran Burger Kings also charge for kids meals (AP)

SAN FRANCISCO ? Burger King has joined McDonald's in charging for kids meal toys to comply with San Francisco's ban.

A new city law that took effect Thursday bans free toys with kids meals that are high in fat, sugar and salt. It's designed to encourage nutritional fast food for youngsters.

McDonald's and Burger King decided to charge a dime for the trinkets.

McDonald's is using the toy money to build a Ronald McDonald House for families of young patients at the new University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center at Mission Bay.

Burger King spokeswoman Kristen Hauser tells the San Francisco Chronicle ( that Burger King hasn't decided what to do with the toy proceeds.


Information from: San Francisco Chronicle,


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With Newt Gingrich, how long can Mitt Romney afford to play nice? (Christian Science Monitor)

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Video: UK tabloid editor defends hacking tactics

>>> testimony at the inquiry into the british phone hacking scandal taken comes from someone who defends the practices of the tabloid press. nbc's michelle kosinski is in london with details on this. michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: matt, right, first celebrities let loose on the tabloids including rupert murdoch 's "news of the world" but a former editor tells all about how widespread phone hacking was, lying to get the story, paying police, even car chases, and this guy says he loved it all, in some of the strangest testimony yet.

>> it is what the public wants to read. if they had any distaste for it, they would stop buying it. any means is fine by me.

>> reporter: the story "by any means" is the story former deputy editor paul mcmullen is telling. he said top editored not only knew about them, they condoned it. calling them the scum only because they haven't admitted it. he takes a one-time swipe at piers morgan but says this.

>> "i don't care what you have to do, i want that story."

>> reporter: according to mcmullen you name it, phone hacking of celebrities, even of murdered children. yes, he says, all worth it.

>> phone hacking is a perfectly acceptable tool, given the sacrifices that we've made, if all we are trying to do is to get to the truth.

>> reporter: he says reporters would trade phone numbers , that he swapped sylvester stallone 's mother for david beckham , but when he went to hack into beckham's voice mail, oops! he answered the phone. he says "news of the world" would pay police, credit card companies, medical workers tens of thousands of dollars for scoops, even princess diana 's body guard , he says, sold information on where she was.

>> can i have 30,000 pounds, please, i need to pay my mortgage. yes, no problem.

>> reporter: mcmullen says he would lie, call celebrity's hotels.

>> you get the list of the phone numbers that are rung and ring them up and find the mistress he just rung.

>> reporter: he'd dig through garr bang and chase the story literally.

>> it was such good fun. i mean how many jobs can you actually have car chases in? it was great.

>> reporter: what about ethics, they asked him? privacy?

>> privacy is evil. it brings out the worst qualities in people.

>> reporter: okay then. well, that's what he claims, at times hafgs ving to be reminded he was incriminating himself and he gave no evidence the murdochs knew this was going on. he said sometimes breaking the law was the only way to break corruption and crime. the question was how do you apply that to celebrities and regular citizens when you expose their love lives or medical problems? matt?


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Monday, November 28, 2011

Enjoy your Holidays with Saga Travel Insurance for Over 80 | one ...

Senior Citizens Enjoying Saga Travel Insurance for Over 80


There are so many senior citizens traveling yearly for the holidays and a lot have already considered getting the Worldwide Travel Insurance. This is to make sure that their well deserved and long awaited holidays are insured and they can be well taken cared of. Not a lot of senior citizens who are over 80 years old are aware that there is such a thing as a travel insurance good for their age. There are a lot of insurance companies that have an age limit when it comes to travel insurance. Some don?t even have life insurance plans for seniors over 80, what more with travel. It is good to know that there is still available saga travel insurance for over 80. If you have a loved one, perhaps your parents or grandparents who would like to go on a vacation, or if you will bring them along with you on your holiday trips, make sure you assist them in getting saga travel insurance for over 80.


Saga Travel Insurance for Over 80 is Available Online


While most people would think that a lot of seniors over 80 years old are unable to access the computer, more so the internet, that is very wrong. A lot of these old folks know how to use a computer. If they can?t, they know that purchases are now mostly made online, including insurance plans. This is why someone needs to assist them in accessing legitimate websites to get them saga travel insurance for over 80. It is better when someone is with him or her while trying to get the travel insurance to make sure that the correct information are put in and money is not being put to waste. There are plenty of online websites that offer saga travel insurance for over 80. They have the coverage and point by point terms and conditions available on the websites too. There are different plans to choose from and depending on the holiday the person is going to, there should be a perfect plan for a saga travel insurance for over 80.


A Safe Trip with a Saga Travel Insurance for Over 80


It comes with old age that sometimes you may be overlooking something or you forgot about your baggage, or have a little cold or backache while on vacation. This is why saga Travel Insurance Over 85 has come to be. While some insurance companies are unwilling to risk on travel insurance plans for older people because most of the time they don?t really earn from it, some good companies still do that. This is because they believe that these senior citizens deserve more that what is being given to them. They need assistance especially when they are traveling in their old age. These people need to have an assurance that even if they enjoy and cast their cares away, they are safe and somehow they are being looked after. Make sure you have a saga Travel Insurance Over 80 Years on your next holiday trip for the assured and safe feeling that you can?t get in anything else.?

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