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Game Of Life Issue - C And C++ | Dream.In.Code

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    #1 adam32885 ?Icon User is offline

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    Posted Today, 12:45 AM

    I am writing a program for my programming class and I seem to be having trouble with making sure the cells come to life correctly I think the issue is in my neighbor If statements but cant seem to find it. Here are the instructions my code and the text file

    The game of life is a computer simulation of the life and death events of a population of organisms. This program will determine the life, death, and survival of bacteria from one generation to the next, assuming the starting grid of bacteria is generation zero (0). Each cell has a total of up to 8 neighbors, including the 4 immediately adjacent cells and the 4 diagonal cells. The rules for the creation of each cell in the next generation are as follows:

    If the cell is currently empty:
    If the cell has exactly three living neighbors, it will come to life in the next generation.
    If the cell has any other number of living neighbors, it will remain empty.
    If the cell is currently living:
    If the cell has one or zero living neighbors, it will die of loneliness in the next generation.
    If the cell has four or more living neighbors, it will die of overcrowding in the next generation.
    If the cell has two or three neighbors, it will remain living.
    All births and deaths occur simultaneously (make sure you don't get this one wrong!).

 #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std;  const int SIZE = 20;   void initGrid(bool life[][SIZE],bool life2[][SIZE]); void readGrid(bool life[][SIZE], bool life2[][SIZE]); void printGrid(bool life[][SIZE]); int livecellNeighbors (bool life[][SIZE],int,int); int deadcellNeighbors (bool life [][SIZE],int,int); void determineNextGen(bool life[][SIZE], bool life2 [][SIZE]);   int main() {     bool life[SIZE][SIZE];     bool life2[SIZE][SIZE];      readGrid(life,life2);     int neighbors;     int neighbors2;     for (int count = 0; count < 1; count++)         {             determineNextGen(life, life2);          }      printGrid(life);     printGrid(life2);     return 0; }   /*-------------------------------------------------------             readGrid (and related functions)  ---------------------------------------------------------*/  void readGrid(bool life[][SIZE], bool life2[][SIZE]) {     ifstream infile("bacteria.txt");      int numBacteria, row, col;      initGrid(life,life2);      infile >> row >> col;     while (infile){         life[row][col] = true;         infile >> row >> col;     }     infile.close(); }   void initGrid(bool life[][SIZE],bool life2[][SIZE]) {     for (int row = 0; row < SIZE; row++){         for (int col = 0; col < SIZE; col++){             life[row][col] = false;         }     }     for (int row = 0; row < SIZE; row++){         for (int col = 0; col < SIZE; col++){             life2[row][col] = false;         }     } }  void printGrid(bool life[][SIZE]) {     cout << "  01234567890123456789" << endl;     for (int row = 0; row < SIZE; row++){         cout << setw(2) << row;         for (int col = 0; col < SIZE; col++){             if (life[row][col]){                 cout << "*";             } else {                 cout << "!";             }         }         cout << endl;     } } int livecellNeighbors (bool life[SIZE][SIZE],int row,int col) {     int neighbors=0;           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row][col-1]==true && col-1>=0)//left             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row+1][col-1]==true && row+1<=20 && col-1>=0)//left bottom             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row+1][col]==true & row+1<20)//bottom             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row][col+1]==true && col+1<20)//right             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row-1][col-1]==true && row-1>=0 && col-1>=0 )//top left             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row+1][col+1]==true && row+1<3 && col+1<=20)//bottom right             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row-1][col]==true && row-1>=0)//top             {                 neighbors++;             }           if(life[row][col]== true && life[row-1][col+1]==true && row-1>=0 && col+1<20)//top right             {                 neighbors++;             }     return neighbors; } int deadcellNeighbors (bool life [SIZE][SIZE],int row,int col) {        int neighbors2=0;        if(life[row][col]== false && life[row][col-1]==true && col-1>=0)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row+1][col-1]==true && row+1<=20 && col-1>=0)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row+1][col]==true & row+1<20)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row][col+1]==true && col+1<20)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row-1][col-1]==true && row-1>=0 && col-1>=0 )             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row+1][col+1]==true && row+1<3 && col+1<=20)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row-1][col]==true && row-1>=0)             {                 neighbors2++;             }           if(life[row][col]== false && life[row-1][col+1]==true && row-1>=0 && col+1<20)             {                 neighbors2++;             }    return neighbors2;  } void determineNextGen(bool life[][SIZE],bool life2 [][SIZE]) {     int neighbors=0,neighbors2=0;     for (int row=0;row<20;row++)     {         for (int col=0;col<20;col++)         {             neighbors=livecellNeighbors(life,row,col);              if (neighbors<=1)                 life2[row][col]=false;             if (neighbors>=4)                 life2[row][col]=false;             if (neighbors==2 || neighbors==3)                 life2[row][col]=true;          }     }          for (int row=0;row<20;row++)             {             for (int col=0;col<20;col++)             {                 neighbors2=deadcellNeighbors(life,row,col);                 if (neighbors2==3)                 life2[row][col]=true;             }          }     /*for (int row=0;row<SIZE;row++)     {         for (int col=0;col<SIZE;col++)             life[row][col]=life2[row][col];     }*/  }    

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    #2 snoopy11 ?Icon User is online

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    Re: Game of life Issue

    Posted Today, 01:27 AM


    Well the first errors are on lines 100 and 139

    line 100 if(life[row][col]== true && life[row+1][col]==true & row+1<20)//bottom

    This should be && shouldn't it

    line 139 is the same...

    you have variables that you dont use as well.



    #3 adam32885 ?Icon User is offline

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    Re: Game of life Issue

    Posted Today, 01:37 AM

    wow i totally missed that but i am still having some issues with the right cells coming to life but i am trying to get a for loop to take the place of all the if statements

    #4 adam32885 ?Icon User is offline

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    Re: Game of life Issue

    Posted Today, 02:08 AM

    so i switched to for loops but I am not sure how to check the edge cells here is my new neighbor count code
 int livecellNeighbors (bool life[SIZE][SIZE],int row,int col) {     int neighbors=0;          if (life[row][col]==true)         {            for (int i=-1; row+i<=row+1; i++)          {              for (int c=-1;col+c<=col+1;c++)              {                  if (i==0 && c==0)                  {                   }                   else if (life[row+i][col+c]==true)                     neighbors++;                  }              }         }      return neighbors; } 

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