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how to do body piercings at homePeople love to decorate their bodies in different ways, some like to wear funky hairstyles and bright hair colors, beauty and makeup, clothing and accessories, perfumes, tattoos, and even body piercing. Adorning yourself with body piercing jewelry is a wild and crazy method of self-expression. Body piercing is a fetish for people under 40s all over the world. Today in this post I am going to tell you how to pierce your body at home in just five minutes. I have also included the safety measures that reduce the risk of infection and skin scarring.

All of you are well aware of the fact that body piercings is best done by the professional piercers but surprisingly enough with proper equipment and sanitary precautions, body piercings can be done at home too. But do keep in mind that there is always a high a risk of infection, however, the key to prevent any sort of infection is to keep the area clean and never touch the area without first sanitizing or washing your hands properly and thoroughly.

Body piercing is defined as taking piercing to a different level, meaning piercing the body beyond the standard earlobe piercing. Body piercing is like a rage all over the world and it is so popular in United States that between five and ten percent of the population here have indulged in at least one form of it at some point in their lives.

In most cases, people just don?t stop at the first piercing, but the first one is always followed by two or more piercings. While navel, eyebrows, tongue and other forms of body piercings is heartily welcomed by people but there are lots of considerations; firstly, make sure that your body piercing is done safely so that you don?t end up with either an infection and secondly since it is always permanent so do keep in mind that it is not badly done with an ugly scar as a souvenir.

how to do navel piercing at home in just five minutesNavel Piercing

Things You?ll Need:

A pre-lubricated piercing needle

Cotton swabs


A ball closure ring

Anti-bacterial cream

How to do Navel Piercing:

Consider piercing your navel only and if it is inverted. Wash your hands thoroughly in hot water with an anti-bacterial soap.

Apply alcohol on the concerned area to clean. Isolate the skin that you are intending to pierce and pull it outward. Now push the piercing needle straight through the skin to the other side. Let the needle remain in place and open up the ball closure ring, now gently and very carefully insert it in the hole behind the needle.

Slowly very slowly pull the needle and at the same time push the ball closure all the way through. The moment you have your navel ring or jewelry all the through the hole, close the ring. Finally, use a cotton swab to apply the anti-bacterial cream on the area.

It will take about six to eight months for the piercing to heal. During this time, make sure you clean your piercing twice daily. First, clean off the area with water and then with cotton, blot the area. Next, use an antibacterial soap to clean the jewelry and area. Finally, apply anti-bacterial cream to the area and blot dry. Do not swim in a chlorinated pool during the first week of navel piercing.

Once the area is healed, you can also change the jewelry if you wish.

how to do eyebrows piercing at home in just five minutesEyebrow Piercing

Things you?ll need:

A pre-lubricated piercing needle

Cotton swabs


A ball closure ring

An anti-bacterial cream

How to Pierce Eyebrows:

After thoroughly cleaning your hands, clean the area with alcohol. Then, pull forward the skin that you would like to pierce and insert the piercing needle through the skin to the other side. Just like the navel piercing, keep the needle in place, and then open up the ball closure ring. Push the ball closure into the hole behind the needle and slowly pull the needle and push the ball closure all the way in.

Once the ball closure ring is in place, close it and apply bacterial cream using the cotton swab. It takes about four to six weeks for a pierced eyebrow to heal. Just like navel piercing, in eyebrows piercing also, aftercare is of sheer importance. Make sure you clean the new piercing twice daily with an anti-bacterial cream. Once the area completely heals, you can change the old jewelry with a new one.

Just a small piece of advice, chances are you may be tempted to pierce other parts of your body as well to save yourself money but do remember the few dollars saved aren?t worth the risk.

Professional body piercers meet strict health codes and follow health and safety regulations for your own good. With professional body piercers you have minimum risk of infection and skin scarring. They are licensed professionals and learn the art of body piercing from reputed institutes. Getting yourself body piercing at home not only increases the risk of developing serious infections but also increases the chances of scarring your skin beyond repair.

The only route to safe body piercings is proper sterilization. The piercing area must be sterile along with the piercer?s hands, the piercing equipments and the piercing needle.

You will also have to make sure that the piercing chair or table is also properly cleaned.

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