Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom: Elementary Homeschool Grade ...

After years of homeschooling I am just now finally finding my groove in regards to homeschooling record keeping. I am sure that you have also noticed that the majority of the lesson planners and grade books out there are meant for a classroom full of students. In my particular situation, the first hurdle I encountered was that I am considered small in the homeschooling world since our family is comprised of only 2 children. The next obstacle that I had to address is that I kept trying to find a homeschooling planner and grade book that was all-in-one. I have finally decided that I have a certain style that ?clicks? with me as a lesson planner and a completely other style for a grade book. This has been a challenge for me to say the least.

To help overcome this I have finally created a grade book that I adore! I have been using this grade book since the start of this school year and could not be happier. I hope to build upon this grade book as Beck and Elizabeth get older and into Junior High and High School. In this Elementary Homeschool Grade Book you will find record keeping pages by core subjects. As an added bonus I have also included my attendance sheet to complete your record keeping needs. I hope that this may help other homeschooling family?s record keeping to be smooth sailing!
Don?t forget to also download my reading?and physical education logs for your children to keep track off all of their reading and exercise adventures! Both logs come in a boys theme as well as a girls theme.
My Elementary Homeschool Grade Book, like most of my over 180+ printable creations, is available only through my E.H.M. Member?s Only Website for a one time lifetime fee of $15.00. Would you like to download this printable or have access to all of my printables? Please click HERE to find out how you can join my Member?s Only website!
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