Monday, April 15, 2013

Home Improvement ? Enjoying the Journey

Meghan doesn?t want me infecting her house blog, so I?m left to post this here. Our latest projects include staining/sealing the play structure and replacing a ton of electrical outlets and light switches.

Of course the kids don?t like the color, but it matches our deck and picnic table now.

Reese was fairly certain she could change electrical sockets with her eyes closed:

All told, we replaced 14 light switches and 20 outlets, mostly to get rid of the previous beige color Meghan called ?hideous?. Though I?m not as particular as her, I do enjoy the new light switches, especially the man-cave dimmer.

As we get near to surviving our first year in our first house, here are the major changes that have been made. Things we had someone else do entirely, professionally or otherwise, are in blue. Things we did ourselves are green. Things we had some help with, either professionally or from family/friends, are in orange.

  • Replaced roof
  • Replaced gutters and drainpipes
  • Removed asbestos from ceilings
  • Patched and painted nearly every ceiling
  • Painted almost all the walls
  • Permanently removed closet doors
  • Replaced carpet in man-cave
  • Wired ethernet, coaxial, and speaker wire through the sub-area
  • Mounted speakers for 7.1 surround
  • Mounted antenna (cord-cutting is awesome)
  • Fixed electrical panel (twice)
  • Replaced water heater thermocouple
  • Changed bathroom faucet
  • Replaced most light switches and electrical outlets
  • Replaced numerous light fixtures
  • Installed CFLs and LEDs throughout
  • Built play structure in backyard
  • Fixed front lawn (irrigation and re-seeding)
  • Stained and sealed deck, picnic table and play structure
  • Stained and painted pergola
  • Painted shoji doors
  • Installed two solar tubes
  • Painted heating vents
  • Replaced thermostat
  • Added new dryer and refrigerator
  • Replaced numerous curtains and blinds
  • Replaced insulation associated with attic HVAC
  • Removed kitchen drop ceiling

I wonder what the next year will bring?

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