Friday, February 15, 2013

E-commerce Sales Over $1 Trillion in 2012

With the rise of online shopping on the go through smartphones and tablets, a continuous rise in online sales is projected for 2013 and beyond. Now truly is a great time to have an online business! These stats and projections are very promising for the growth of online shopping:

  • Global e-commerce sales grew to $1.08875 trillion in 2012, up 21.9% from 2011.
  • Total e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to grow 19% year over year.
  • In 2013, Japan will pass China to become the second largest e-commerce market after the United States.
  • China boasts nearly 220 million online shoppers and is expected to double that number by 2016.
  • The United States will account for nearly 30% of online sales in 2013.
  • Though North America accounts for most online sales, Asia/Pacific is projected to overtake for top online sales in 2013.

Where are most of your customers located? Do you see a rise in interest from the Asia/Pacific area in your online business?

(Stats from Internet Retailer)

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