Friday, October 12, 2012

Auctus Outsource offers hints and tips for a successful first interview ...


5 easy to follow hints and tips for a successful interview!

PRLog (Press Release) - Oct 11, 2012 -
For some of you it will be your first interview, while others may have attended several interviews over the years. Below Auctus Outsource reveal five basic tips that will help you be successful and confident during your next interview.


Familiarise yourself with the advertisement.

Make sure that you have carefully read through the advertisement that you applied to as you don?t want to be asking questions that you should already know the answer to. It?s understandable that in the current financial climate people will be applying for several different jobs with different companies, however it?s important you know which advertisement ?you applied to when attending an interview.

Learn about the company.

Believe it or not, there have been past instances where candidates have arrived at Auctus Outsource for interviews not knowing the name of the company that they have come to see! ?This information is important and all emails from Auctus Outsource contain the company name and also a link to our website. We recommend and encourage applicants to look through the website as it contains information about the company, press releases, news and links to our social media pages. Mentioning something that you have seen on the Auctus website is likely to impress the Managing Director as it shows that you have taken the time to research the company and shown an interest.

Prepare in advance.

Once your interview is scheduled, arrange your transport and plan your journey to make sure you know where you?re going. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time so as not to be late and if possible print off the directions to make your journey easier. Make a note of any questions you would like to ask prior to the interview and print a copy of your CV.

Dress smartly.
Auctus Outsource recommends smart dress- office wear is preferable i.e. a suit or shirt and trousers, smart shoes, formal dress or skirt and blouse. First impressions are important and so what you wear can really say a lot about yourself and your attitude towards work.

Be honest and be yourself.

Obviously during your interview you will be hoping to impress the Managing Director, but lying to do so will never end well. This could cause problems for yourself and also the business along the line. If you don?t have much work experience to draw from, mention skills and attributes that you have acquired in your everyday life, education and social activities. Most of the roles available require full training anyway, so don?t panic if you don?t have previous experience in the industry. At the other end of the spectrum, maybe you do have a lot of previous experience in the industry. This is fantastic; however experience alone will not secure you a position. The Managing Director is looking for someone likeable, determined and someone who can adapt to the business and mix well.

Remember these tips during your preliminary interview and you are much more likely to have a successful meeting. Auctus Outsource wishes you the best of luck for your interview.




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