Friday, September 14, 2012

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Globally Speaking, All Employment Is A Political Issue

I believe Speaker of the House, Sam Erwin coined the phrase, ?All politics is local.? I would like to add to that, ?And so is employment.? In writing these articles, there is a tendency for this r?sum? writer to view employment from a big-picture perspective?an occupational hazard, no doubt. Most job candidates do not share this vision. One?s worldly perception often becomes cluttered by irrational fears, prejudices and beliefs. Today, employment has morphed itself into a commodity. Its market value ebbs and flows similar to that of soybeans and pork bellies. When the market price is stable, people tend to feel confident and reassured. Let that price radically fluctuate, and that confidence erodes faster than last season?s crop report. As a nation of unemployed, underemployed and overworked employees, we are closing the gap between us and third-world status. Probably the biggest separation between us and them is that we have more modern conveniences. Forget the overly hyped unemployment figure (currently touted at 8.1 percent) and examine the big picture: That is the employment-to-population ratio, which is 58.3 percent, To simplify that, for every 58 million gainfully employed individuals, there are 42 million people who need to be supported. Multiply 42 by 6.2 and add the six zeros. In round figures, you are looking at roughly 260,400,000 unemployed individuals who need to be clothed, sheltered ?and fed. Improving those numbers is a herculean task. Anyone telling or promising you otherwise is blowing smoke up your skirt. At present, the President is taking the heat, but that has more to do with one?s perception rather than reality-based logic. Corporate media is not without blame for encouraging and promoting the nation's hyperbolic perception. The nation?s sojourn toward third-world status did not occur overnight. It began picking up head steam in 1998 or 1999. Those were the years when Corporate America began exporting your job opportunities. And, because Corporate America is technically running the country, they could do it, and get away with it. Everything from basic manufacturing to sophisticated engineering was being outsourced. It started with a few textile plant closings. The jobs were sent off shore. Next come hard goods like appliances, followed by call centers, software and intellectual property. Midway through President George W?s second term (2005-06), yesterday?s chickens (exported?job opportunities) came home to roost. Some claim we should be running our government like a corporation. Well folks, since 2006 that is exactly what we have been doing! Those same individuals claim our nation?s growing unemployment and debt crisis is the result of too many welfare programs. The irony is that Corporate America exported your job. Furthermore, the biggest welfare recipient of all is Corporate America itself. Duh. In the most recent job?s report, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Corporate America added 96,000 jobs, which barely tickles the employment Richter scale. Once that number is taken out of context, even that figure tends to be misleading. As initially indicated, there is a natural ebb and flow in the market. Workers retire, some get fired, and others become sick, while some will multitask themselves into exhaustion and an early death. Even in hardest of times, some workers will abruptly up and quit, running off to Kathmandu in a quest to rediscover themselves. Is there any good news in all this ebb and flow? Yes there is. Those with marketable disciplines, a half-decent r?sum? and even marginal interviewing skills will continue to find gainful employment. Regrettably, those who have technologically fallen behind will have to resign themselves to accepting premature retirement. From a global perspective, corporate life will continue, just not necessarily as you may fantasize about it.


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