Monday, September 24, 2012

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Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. I have a software engineer and possess a good knowledge about website development. Now I want to setup my online product selling business. But confuse in taking the decision of market area or product, which are going to focus. Basically following things are most important to setup of any online business. 1. Setup online ecommerce store.- I am going to use eBay selling shop or setup my own ecommerce store. 2. Product to sale online- I am confused here; initially I like to go with a single product of any company. So whats next procedure I need to follow here? Lets suppose, I am going to sale Tupperware product online. So in that case, Can I need to become distributor of this product? Can I need to buy bulk in advance?Can I need to setup my shop or warehouse to store all items?Can I need to pay in advance?How can I link my online store with Tupperware product? etc? Etc?. 3. Shipping/Payment Which are the best methods to handle shipping/payment options? Your suggestions are always welcome. If you have any other better options then please share with me.

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