Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Video: Joseph Haggar, clothier and slacks czar, dies

Joseph Haggar Jr., whose Haggar Clothing Company popularized casual pants called "slacks" and who helped clothe President Lyndon B. Johnson, has died at age 87. NBC?s Brian Williams reports.

>>> word from texas tonight, joe haggar has the died. long remembered in dallas for being a civic leader, city council member, but it was during his time running the family business , haggar slacks that joe was immortalized on audio tape . he was at home one night in 1964 , when president lyndon johnson called him to order six pairs of khakis. lbj loved haggar 's slacks and gave meticulous instructions during the call which features burping and barnyard language. the recording became a cult favorite on radio and the web when the lbj library released the tape. here its the president calling joe haggar .

>> these are almost -- these are the best i've had anywhere in the united states .

>> fine.

>> but when i gain a little weight, they cut me under there. so leave me -- you never do have much margin there but see if you can't leave me about an inch from where the zipper -- ends around under my -- back to my [ bleep ].

>> lyndon johnson , joe haggar , 1964 .

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