Sunday, June 10, 2012

Salt of the Earth on show at CIT's I AM Exhibition


Studenty?s very own Audrey Ellard Walsh attended CIT?s I AM?Exhibition?at the Cork?School?of Music?

Another batch of students of Cork Institute of Technology, Crawford College of Art and Design, Department of Media Communications are displaying the fruits of their labour. I headed down to the opening of this year?s graduate exhibition, ?I AM?, to take a look at some of the installations on show.

The state of the art Cork School of Music plays host to exhibitions of graphic design work and mock ups for advertising campaigns in print and multimedia forms. Showcasing the talents and ingenuity of this year?s batch of graduates it is plain to see that promise and originality are by no means in short supply in the Crawford College of Art and Design.

?I AM? hosts student projects from CIT?s final year BA in Multimedia and Visual Communications students. These include a wide variety of design and media work, from animation to packaging design to interactive installations and everything in between. From gaming to ice-cream, each project shows the sheer professionalism and skill of the newest class of graduates.

Mary Petri?s project, ?Fogscreen Advertising? combines light and sound to create a truly unique and fascinating method of conveying video.

A stand out piece, drawing crowds in to admire and ask questions was Kevin O?Connor?s? display of real-time twitter usage of biblical phrases. His project, entitled, ?Let There Be Light? demonstrates the influence of biblical writings on modern language while also showing how trackings of popular phrases can be converted into something artistic.? Panels on screen connected to popular phrases such as ?Apple of my eye? ?I am what I am? ?the hearts desire? which are in fact adopted from the 1611 version of the King James Bible, light up when they are mentioned on twitter.

Kevin has even coined his own phrase ?data art? to describe his work, which he believes could be used for PR companies to track twitter campaigns.

?I AM? runs at the CIT School of Music, 4 Union Quay on the June 9 to June 13, between the hours ?of 10am ? 4.30pm.

*Lead image courtesy of I AM Exhibition official poster.

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