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ESET NOD32 Antivirus | free spyware removal software

The official Russian version!

ESET NOD32 5?provides a high level of anti-virus security for everyone.?A simple and reliable solution for the base to protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and potentially dangerous software, rootkits and phishing attacks.
ESET NOD32.?Technology:
  • ESET Live Grid?.?Cloud technology is the 5th generation - instantaneous response to all incidents
    • Detection of all types of known and unknown threats
    • rapid detection of new malicious
    • "Cloud" scanning
    • analysis of all the modules of the system

  • Smart-Detection
    • analyzes the parameters of the computer
    • operational monitors for malicious processes
    • transmits potentially dangerous programs ESET virus laboratory
    • check the reputation and level of risk for each running process on a "cloud" technology
More reliable
  • Protecting children on the Internet.?With parental controls can warn children against dangerous Internet resources and sites that contain unwanted information, photos and video.?Parents can block access to their own specific categories, as well as prohibit the use of social networks.
  • Secure Wi-Fi.?When connecting to a wireless Wi-Fi network solution ESET NOD32 offers a higher level of protection, monitors network traffic and protects against unauthorized remote access to your computer.?In order to increase reliability and protect the laptop can be made ??invisible to others.
  • Access Control.?Intelligent identification system of removable media by name, serial number, size and other parameters.?Allows you to control all connected devices to the computer and allow certain actions specified devices.?For example, a flash drive with a given serial number can allow copying and recording, for the USB-device from another manufacturer - block.
  • Protection settings.?computer owner can protect the ESET NOD32 setup a secure password to an attacker could not hack the system and gain full access to all resources, as well as personal data.
  • Dual control.?You can receive notifications about the state of the operating system and the need to update criteria.
  • HIPS.?Thanks to improved mechanisms for countering sophisticated malware and analysis of all the modules of the system is blocking potentially dangerous actions on the computer.?HIPS allows the user to configure additional safety when working with applications.
  • SysInspector.?powerful diagnostic tool that allows in-depth analysis of the operating system, including running processes, registry, startup applications and network connections.
  • SysRescue.?Component to create the boot disk.?In the case of the critical state of the system and will not boot by regular means, the user can start the computer in normal mode, scan your computer and recover.
  • Scanning the archives.?The function allows you to configure parameters such as maximum archive scan depth and scan time and size of the scanned archive.
  • Scan at startup.?Operational safety inspection immediately after the start of the operating system.?Scan executable files at startup is carried out in a few minutes and does not affect the performance and productivity.
  • Checking the USB.?When you connect any USB-carriers ESET NOD32 Antivirus automatically scans the content of a flash, as well as files on a CD-and DVD-ROM.?In such a scheme work no virus penetrated the computer from the outside.?Additionally, you can choose how to work with a removable device - reading, writing, or blocking.
  • Self-renewal.?Products ESET NOD32 version 5 can independently track the emergence of system updates and keep your software up to date.
  • Ideal for a laptop.?ESET NOD32 5 detects the type of computer and automatically switches to power saving mode.
  • Game Mode.?When you run demanding games and programs in full screen mode (pictures, presentations, high-quality video), the system performance remains the same at the expense of operative reduction of consumption of system resources.
  • Timer.?no longer have to wait for completion of the scanning system on demand.?After scanning, the computer turns off automatically, saving you time.
  • The new graphical interface.?With a fresh design and navigation interface of the modified ESET NOD32 5 was the most intuitive and user friendly.
OS:?Windows Vista, Windows 7, Home Server, Windows 2000, XP, 2003

Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus for 32-bit operating systems (50.56 MB):

Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus for 64-bit operating systems (56.03 MB):

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