Sunday, May 20, 2012

Convert PSD to Joomla in Few Steps

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) that developers use for creating websites and web applications. Joomla is an open source solution that is easy to use and creates extensive search engines friendly website. Many web designers prefer to use Joomla due to its versatile nature of creating different types of websites. Many corporate websites, online magazines, Ecommerce websites, online reservations websites, portals, etc are made in Joomla.? Being as one of the most preferred CMSs, more and more websites owners hiring web developers to convert PSD to Joomla and integrate codes in the website. Joomla is important open source languages that fulfill the needs quick content publishing need. It allows web developers to create, publish, manage, and edit content with out any special knowledge about HTML coding. It means that a person can manage and update its website without any specific technical skill.

Converting a PSD images to Joomla though seems easy, it is advised to seek help of guide or a professional before taking any step in this regard.

There are various applications available online that help convert PSD to Joomla template. To convert an image, a user requires opening PSD file and creating a module to start the process. It would be ideal here to use module positions to show the joomla templates. At the time of converting PSD images to Joomla, the files need to be cut into layers and coded for easy understanding.
The coding is the core process of creating a website; if it is not done properly the site might not function. Once the slicing PSD to HTML is done properly, the HTML codes are ready to be combined with the Joomla. Now the website is ready for use! Creating Joomla templates directly from a PSD file is bit difficult as it needs in-depth knowledge about website development. The designers who want to create websites need to use application from Joomla. Anyone with minimum or no web development knowledge use these applications, this is the main benefit of joomla applications that help a person to update his website without technical help.
While converting PSD to joomla template, a web developer needs to cautiously choose materials and applications that will be used in conversion process. All the websites that have PSD material are converted into content management system. CMS is an essential part of Joomla and web designers prefer it for HTML coding.

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