Friday, August 10, 2012

Filipino miner rescued after 1 week underground

(AP) ? Rescuers who pleaded for help from tribal deity say they have saved a miner trapped for a week in a collapsed tunnel in the northern Philippines.

Police Supt. Mario Mayam-es, a member of the Igorot indigenous group in Benguet province, said their efforts to pull out Felipe Pilmaco finally paid off Friday after rescuers offered a black pig to tribal god Kabunian.

Pilmaco turned 33 years old Tuesday inside the tunnel in Bokod township where he had been trapped since Aug. 2.

The small-scale miner survived on food, oxygen and a phone delivered through a galvanized pipe inserted between boulders and mud.

The town's doctor said Pilmaco was fine except for dehydration, minor cuts and an eye infection.

Associated Press


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