Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KFH: unprecedented increase of 106% in lease sales volume ...

This sharp increase comes as a result of offering various models of cars with excellent features and competitive prices, from the local automotive agents and suppliers, which can play a prominent part in meeting clients' expectations and demands, in addition to expanding the framework of service excellence.

Al-Essa added, "In a press statement that this unprecedented increase is also due to the huge market stake that KFH possesses, and because automotive leasing market is very active locally, not to mention its being a demand to all segments in the society."

Moreover, Al-Essa stressed the robust and powerful relationship between 'KFH' and cars' agents and suppliers in Kuwait within the system of cooperation that ensures 'KFH' strategy of boosting the market. He went on to say, "KFH is working on closing deals which allow KFH's clients to lease luxurious cars."

Furthermore, he mentioned that the service of new cars selling and financing isn't limited in KFH's showrooms but rather it exceeds this limit to link KFH with all cars' agents through qualified sales representative who serve KFH's clients while they are at the agent's showrooms and answer their enquiries, not to mention close their transactions in a very smooth and streamlined way.

He went on to say: "KFH offers clients many other services like cars evaluating, and Amana sales service which allow them to display their second-hand cars for sale, in KFH's showrooms, for specific fees."


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